ADA Comply 2.0 Review (Mario Brown): What’s New & Why?

Welcome to my ADA Comply 2.0 review!

WOW! Stats don’t lie…

In the United States alone:

  • 1 in 5 people with one form of disability or the other.
  • 8.1 million people are visually impaired
  • 2 million people are blind
  • 3.4 million (3%) Americans aged > 40 yrs are legally blind
  • 7.6 million have auditory impairment
  • 1 in 5 suffer seizures & epilepsy
  • 19.9 million people are motor impaired and may not be able use a mouse very well.

Right now, the disabled market is valued at $600 billion online. That’s BILLIONS with a capital ‘B’.

If you sell anything online (products or services) you need a website. If your website is not easy for disabled people to use, then you are leaving money on the table.

With ADA Comply, you will be able to tap into this HUGE untapped market by improving the accessibility of your website.

It has just released the new version 2.0 with more powerful features included. So, let’s read my ADA Comply 2.0 review below to find out more!

ADA Comply 2.0 Rating $67
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Support


  • Product Name: ADA Comply v2.0
  • Creators: Mario Brown, Ifiok Nkem & Vaughn Item
  • Launch Date: April 16th, 2020
  • Launch Time: 11am EST
  • Bonus: Yes! See my premium bonuses at the bottom.
  • Refund: 30 days money back guaranteed!
  • Price: $67 One-Time Payment
    – After launch, it will be increased to $97.
  • Coupon Code: VIP2 for a $2 discount.

ADA Comply version 2.0 allows you to find an unlimited amount of Leads & Prospects in any local area. These are HOT leads because the app only shows you the results of websites that are NOT optimized for ADA Compliance and therefore in danger of being sued.

Read more in my ADA Comply 2.0 review or click the button below to buy it now!

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#1. What’s new in ADA Comply 2.0?

For those who don’t know, ADA Comply is an accessibility software that renders websites and web contents ADA compliant just by pasting a single line of code on the website. And it has just released the new version 2.0!

Now, in ADA Comply 2.0 you can even find unlimited Leads & Prospects in any local area. These are HOT potential customers because the app only shows you results of websites that are NOT optimized for ADA Compliance and are therefore at risk of being sued.

You will also receive a thorough report of everything the site is missing – this report can then be sent to your Leads & Prospects.

From there, you can easily earn thousands of dollars from helping their website ADA compliant.

Here are just some benefits of an ADA-Compliant website:

  • Avoid lawsuits. (More than 10k websites have been sued alone this year for failing to comply with the ADA & this number will skyrocket by 2020)
  • Rank higher on the search engines. (Google loves accessible websites)
  • Tapped into the $650 billion per year untapped disability market.

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#2. Who is the creator of ADA Comply 2.0?

ADA Comply 2.0 was created by Mario Brown (a well-known marketer), Ifiok Nkem (a 6-figure marketer)  & Vaughn Item (a 5-figure freelancer), who I understand they have invested tens of thousands of dollars into its development and have been improving since the first launch.

Therefore, they have released version 2.0, except improving the existing features and making the system completely seamless… They have integrated the extremely powerful Lead Generation system that you’ll be discovered below.

So, it proves that ADA Comply 2.0 is an amazing tool that’s here to stay and is constantly being maintained and updated.

Well! In the next section of this ADA Comply 2.0 review, I’ll show you how this new version all works.

#3. How does ADA Comply v2.0 work?

ADA Comply works in just 3 easy steps & takes a minute:

  • Step#1: Add a new website to your ADA Comply dashboard with the web URL address.
  • Step#2: Click to copy the code to your website.
  • Step#3: Paste the code in your website’s footer.

That’s all! Your website is now fully ADA compliant.

ADA Comply comes with a number of web accessibility tools:

  • Text to speech
  • Zoom feature
  • Cursor select
  • Reader font
  • Highlight feature
  • Alt text for all images and graphics
  • Dark mode
  • Auto-create an accessibility compliance statement

And a whole lot of other features necessary to satisfy the ADA compliance requirements!

That’s the whole process of ADA Comply, but as I said in version 2.0 with the Lead Generation App integrated & here’s a detailed demo video of this new app:

In the next section of this ADA Comply 2.0 review, I will show you more details about how to use the application with my experience.

#4. User experience as a Beta tester

ADA Comply Setup

The ADA Comply app & lead gen system in the version 2.0 works really simple. Below is the dashboard once you logged in:


Here you can simply ‘Add Website’, fill out the info then click on ‘Next’ and you’ll get a CODE immediately.


Then go to your website, paste that little script into the Footer (or a specific post/page) & DONE. This is how fast you can make your website ADA compliant!


Just reload your website and take a look at the left bottom, you’ll see a small ability icon of ADA Comply. That’s all!


You can use this WordPress plugin to add to the Footer easier: Insert Headers and Footers.

So, there are 8 Accessibility Settings will be displayed on your website if you click on that icon:

  • Text to Speech (TTS)
  • Display
  • Magnify
  • Text Spacing
  • Highlight Links
  • Cursor
  • Readable Font
  • Headlines

Thus, people with disabilities can customize your website easily with ADA Comply to better suit their problems.

▶ Site Widget & Policy Statement

If you want to change the icon color or change the position or just enable which functions you want, go ahead in ‘Site Widget’ > ‘General Settings’.

And you can also generate a policy statement in ‘Policy Statement’ tab > Fill out some information > It will give you an Accessibility Policy URL. You can copy these text or just link your Policy page to that URL as well.


Business Search Beta

That’s the first part of this application, now I’m gonna show you the second part is the Business Search Beta feature. This is a very interesting one because you can use this app for your own websites (business or personal) or also use this app to sell this service as a business.

Because as we all know, a lot of websites out there are NOT compliant so this is where ADA Comply 2.0 comes in. And this is also a HUGE potential opportunity for us.

▶ Find Business

Let’s go to the Business Search Beta as the image below…

  • Enter keywords (eg: orthodontist,..)
  • Choose the location (eg: CO – Colorado,..)
  • Submit search

In this example, it’s going to search for businesses that are an orthodontist in Colorado within a few seconds.


As you can see, it also includes Website & Revenue Bracket so you can see exactly what their website is & what they have in revenue.


But the cool things is that you click on the little icon ‘View’ in the ‘Actions’ column, you can get all the information from this business, even get the contact name.


▶ Generate Report

What you can do is you can ‘Generate Web Accessibility report’ when you click on the button right there as the image above to generate a report of this specific website.

Well, as you see in this case, this website Wardortho(dot)com has a lot of ‘HIGH’ warnings that means it’s not ADA compliant now.


Now click on ‘Export to PDF’ then fill out your business details that will be attached in the PDF file, to help clients can contact you easily if they want to make their website ADA compliant by you.


Let’s see how beautiful the PDF look like, your business details will be attached at the bottom. Now you can send this over to your new potential clients.


With Business Search Beta feature, you can find a huge database of businesses that you can approach and tell them that their website is not ADA compliant, then SELL this service to them and make huge profits from there.

#5. Why should you buy ADAComply 2.0?

With ADA Comply 2.0, you can get all YOUR websites compliant quickly and easily and in addition, how to do the same for your CLIENTS.

You’ll then discover how to sell this unique service to businesses, from the comfort of your home.

The last thing any business needs right now is a lawsuit by a greedy law firm so you’ll be providing a service that is truly helpful, needed and a service that is unique – more important it’s a service that can save your clients tens of thousands in legal fees & headaches.

In fact, ADA Comply only gives you the tools to make your website ADA compliant and search for potential clients. They do not give you scripts to sell this service.

That’s why I’ll give you a very great bonus with the best sales script templates for emails and phone calls that ready to use, to send out to your potential clients immediately – just copy & paste (also includes strategies to get more deals), if you buy ADA Comply 2.0 through my review. (only for the first 50 people)


#6. ADA Comply 2.0 review: Pros & Cons

ADA Comply 2.0 Pros:

  • Making websites ADA compliant in a few minutes.
  • Easily & quickly find potential clients to sell this service to them.
  • Ranking higher for your/clients websites.
  • Avoid unwanted lawsuits related to the ADA.
  • It’s freaking cheap, going for an one-time deal.
  • 14 day money back guarantee.
  • Tons of bonuses you can see right below.

ADA Comply 2.0 Cons:

  • It has many upsells that no need to buy.
  • Don’t include the sales script templates to send out to your clients. But if you buy through my ADA Comply 2.0 review, I’ll give you as a bonus.

#7. How much does ADA Comply 2.0 cost?

ADA Comply 2.0 has 1 FE & 4 OTOs. See details of each upgrade below:

FE: ADA Comply 2.0 – $67 (One Time) *RECOMMENDED*

OTO1: Pro Version – $77 (One Time) *RECOMMENDED*

Unlimited Websites + Whitelabel (no ‘Powered by Adacomply’ link)

OTO2: Agency Upgrade – $67 (One Time)

Agency License + Agency Dashboard + DFY Prospecting Kit (proposals, website, ads, graphics, etc).

OTO3: Extra Agency Kit – $67 (One Time)

You’ll get marketing and branding agency kits to 8 extra hot and high in demand services to offer:

  • SEO Agency,
  • Mobile App Agency,
  • Graphics Design Agency,
  • Web Design Agency,
  • Social Media Agency,
  • Fb Ads Agency,
  • Video Marketing Agency.

OTO4: Reseller Rights – $77 (30 accounts – One Time) OR $147 (100 accounts – One time)

Reseller License + Reseller Dashboard (Create full functional client accounts).

#8. Who is ADA Comply 2.0 best for?

ADA Comply 2.0 is great for Agencies, Local Marketers & Online Marketers – really anyone with a website and anyone that wants to be able to generate revenue during this worldwide lockdown.

#9. FAQs about ADA Comply 2.0

Q. What kind of websites will this work?

A. It works on any type of website – wordpress. html, wix, convertri, mobilefirst, clickfunnels, convertri, shopify, etc. As long as you can paste pixel code, it should work.

Q. Do I have to be technical to use this?

A. No, it’s made to be simple. We’ve done a deep study of the policy and requirements so you don’t have to.

Q. How Many websites can I used this one?

A. You can use this on 10 websites. A $77 (one time fee) upgrade to the pro verison allows you to install on UNLIMITED WEBSITES plus WHITELABEL: remove the ‘powered by’ branding.

Q. Can I install it myself?

Sure! Its very simple. Just copy and past the code on your website.

#10. ADA Comply 2.0 review: Final verdict

Before I give my final thoughts, which I think is already obvious by now, I’ll like to say one or two things about the product creator and product vendor.

First, Ifiok NK is the CEO SnapiLABs Inc., a fast-rising software company responsible for a number of best-seller software platforms and solutions to real-life problems (just like ADA Comply). SnapiLABs has a fulltime team of developers and support personnel, hence their unmatched reputation in customer support and software maintenance.

Some of the software platforms by this serial creator are ContentBurger, Socicake, DesignBundle, Uduala, ConvertProof and a host of others.

Secondly, the renowned Mario Brown, who is a well-known internet entrepreneur and best seller, with over ten years of experience and has previously created worldwide hits such as Pixel Studio FX, YouStudio,.. which sold thousands of units all around the world.

He’s known for creating high-quality professional solutions and I expect no less from ADA Comply 2.0.

Hence, on this note, I’ll say: ADA Comply 2.0 is a timely solution and I highly recommend it.

Without any doubt, I can give it a five-star review, anything other than that will be “BIAS!”

You can go ahead and secure your access, your investment is SAFE & WISE, cheers!

If you have any questions or need any help, just leave a comment in the section below or contact me. Thanks for reading my ADA Comply 2.0 review!

Why should you buy ADA Comply 2.0 from me?

If you buy through my ADA Comply 2.0 review, you’ll get all the exclusive bonuses below. My bonuses will help you succeed faster when combined with ADA Comply 2.0.

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The bonuses from vendor will be automatically delivered in the members area.


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