Case Study: How This Guy Made $8k With Product Launch

The following article will be a share from my friend, not me. Enjoy it!

Hello, I’m Stefan.

This article is my case study on the success of a form that has existed for a long time, it’s Product Launch.

I will share the process, the work that I have done to get that result.


I no longer make money with Product Launch because I am spending more time for new potential directions & doing business in the international market.

But there are still a lot of people still working, so I will share the process that I went through, hoping to help you have a specific direction.

In the article I do not share specific products that I have done or show my website.

Instead, I will talk about ways and suggestions to help you make a sale with this method.


What is Product Launch?

Product launch are digital products (Software, tools, eBooks, courses, etc.) released all year round, developed and sold by reputable vendors, with a large annual customer base.

However, there are a lot of poor quality products from some scam-vendors.

The network I use to promote such products & receive commissions is JVZoo – a fairly old and prestigious network.

As such, my work will be:

  • Promote vendors’ newly launched/upcoming digital products through JVZoo.
  • There are commissions from each sale sold when the customer makes a purchase through the affiliate link.

I chose the digital product because of the high commission, maybe up to 100%, so the advertising will be more diverse:

product launch high commission

I will share the sequence of ways I apply to promote Product Launch products at Jvzoo so you can easily imagine.

Here is the total amount of money I earn with this form, all free traffic but not paid traffic.


I know how to do this from a friend who shared it with me. Let’s find out!

Method #1: Make a Single Review Site

This is the most basic form, the easiest to do and train newbie from 0 to get the necessary digital marketing skills.

The specific stage is as follows:

#1. Get an affiliate link from the Vendor

You have to make this step successful before you can implement the next steps, many people do not understand, buy the domain right for the product they want to promote and then when the vendor doesn’t approve it, it’s considered very wasteful.

You will follow the calendar page announcing the launch date & product information on, then go to Jvzoo login to your affiliate account, find this product name and ask the vendor to promote.

make money online with product launch case study 8k 2

Applying an affiliate link from the vendor is also very simple, but needs some English skills and your “slashing” skills.

The content sent to the vendor should specify the following details:

  • Do you have any strength in online promotion? (Facebook Ads, SEO, Google Adwords…)
  • Which traffic source will you use and how to promote their product? (Email marketing, Facebook Ads, Product review…)
  • Commit to not spam “no any BS promotion” & try hard.
  • If you get anyone’s proof from any affiliate network, you can save it and attach it, then tell it to be your experience, which can increase your chances of success with fastidious vendors.
  • Finally, do not forget to thank.

I have always included these content to send to the vendor and depending on the situation that is flexible to use.

I advise you to do it yourself (or ask someone who is good at English) to write your own sentence patterns, but don’t copy anyone’s sentence form.

Since the sentence patterns are often used a lot, vendors also find it popular and they will assume that it is a robot asking for a link, not an affiliate marketer.

For example, this is a template I usually send to the vendor on JVZoo:

Dear “vendor_name”,
I’ll promote “product_name” in 3 promised ways:
1. Hiring pro writer to write the best review & SEO it on top of Search Engines
2. Run Bing + Google Ads
3. Send it to my email list of 1200+
Website: “your_website” (optional)
Facebook: “your_facebook_link” (optional)

#2. Buy hosting, domain to make a WordPress website

All my websites use Hawk Host hosting. If you also intend to use this hosting, try my coupon to get 30% off (recurring).

Coupon Code: “HHI-VQSEPM09XZ” Click here to apply!

About buying a domain, you can use Namecheap‘s service. I highly recommend them!

But to build a WordPress website like, anyone can do it according to the instructions so you don’t have to worry at this stage.

Currently, you have so much easier to create a professional WordPress website than us in the past because there are many video tutorials step by step how to make WordPress website from A-Z.

#3. Hiring a pro writer

I often hire product review articles at, you can see the price list here.

Or you can go to freelance sites like Fiverr to hire.

Click here to sign up & get 20% off your first order on Fiverr!

I recommend that if possible, invest in more detailed review and word count because Google now hates sites with short content, lack of investment, low number of words and minimal content presentation.


For example, a review article about a hot product on JVZoo.

Try to find experienced writers who specialize in writing articles about affiliate rather than simply finding a good person in English.

Because if you are good at English without understanding much about affiliate, it’s impossible to understand the product well.

And it’s important that when you hire a writer at the time of receiving the article, you should use Copyscape or any other plagiarism checker software to ensure the content is 100% unique, otherwise Google will penalize.

If you have experience with affiliate marketing and you have good English, you can write yourself to save costs. But make sure your content is SEO-friendly to rank on page #1 of Google.

Should read: Secret: 5 Simple Steps To Writing SEO-Friendly Content (2019 Update)

#4. Post and decorate your review

Decorating articles, depending on the aesthetic ability of each person. If the beauty of your website is not good, the simplest is to look at other websites or your competitors to see how they decorate the article, then you follow it.

Gradually work through 2-3 products, your operation will definitely be faster and experience will also be accumulated to help you know how to present a more beautiful layout.

In JVZoo, there are a lot of ready-made sites to imitate to follow if you don’t have a concept from the beginning.

The way I usually do is search on with the keyword “product name + review” as there are dozens of sites for me to spy on, I imitate them all, then try to make my site more beautiful than they are.

WordPress’s tools also support a nice presentation, then the rest depends on how well you can acquire and re-create your site.

#5. Onpage SEO

(Which term does not understand, you can search on Google, because people do SEO need to learn these things to do it)

Or you can find out through this infographic: Optimizing Onpage SEO details

With the single review site for Product Launch, you need to optimize the following:

  • Title: Mandatory opening should be the main keyword, and the main keyword for these single review sites is “product name + review” (50-60 characters are reasonable).
  • Meta Description: Ask writers to write for you, they write a lot, so they know how to get-click and SEO-friendly. Or you can write it yourself (should stop at 290 characters).
  • Post URL (Permalinks): As the main keyword, for example: the keyword is “VideoPal Review”, then the permalink is also the keyword, for example:
  • 3 positions should contain the main keyword: the first heading tag, the first 100 words of the article and the last 100 words of the conclusion paragraph.
  • Alternative text: How many images are included in your review article, you should use a variety of main keywords, for example: product name + review, product name + reviews, product name + bonus, product name + features, etc.

PRO TIP: You can use Yoast SEO plugin (free version is enough) to do all Onpage-SEO work for you.

Yoast SEO is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin. It handles the technical optimization of your site & assists with optimizing your content.

#6. Offpage-SEO

About Offpage SEO for short-term sites like this, I also go to find backlinks as quickly as possible.

You can search on Google to learn the types of backlinks to go, I mainly get backlinks from forums on the topic of Internet Marketing, try to get dofollow links as much as possible.

I also buy some backlink packages on SEOclerks.


For long-term use, I do not verify. But temporarily to rank on page #1 of Google and make sales from Product Launch, I find it effective.

More importantly, because of the short time needed to get to the top of Google to keep up with the launch date of the product, you need these backlinks to be indexed as soon as possible, so I invested using the paid PING backlink tool, Linklicious 2.0.

For backlinks building, read more: 7 new strategies to build high quality backlinks.

With method #1, I had a sale with the first site, then got excited to continue doing other 3-4 single sites, still having sales, I continued with the second method below.

Method #2: Make an Authority Review Site

In this method, I do not say the part details anymore, it just differs in that the domain you name is generic, not in any product, put the brand name domain you like or name it Replacing ‘abc’ is something that is short and easy to read.

With this “authority review site” method, you simply need to understand that it is a place to combine multiple site singles that you have done in method #1, instead of doing each product for a domain then you only focus on a website.

You will post multiple reviews on the same site and make sure that the review appears at the top of the customer’s search when they look up that review information on Google.


In this way, the first half a month I did nothing but “pump” content for thick, so that the site has a lot of content.

Then to the 2nd month, I just started to get backlinks, at that time I have applied the form of buying backlinks, but only select the quality backlink rather than quantity.

On this authority site, if you want to make more sales and commissions, you should combine other source traffic like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads.

Once your site is strong, there is a gradual trust and thick content in the long term, natural traffic to the site is much, you should not ignore re-target with FB Ads, Google Ads or re-target by any channel depending on you.

Suggest Ways To Make More Sales

When you do the authority site like I just mentioned above, make your website “big” first and then thinking about what to do next on the site to increase your chances of selling and making visitors who have visited or bought products become your regular customers.

And here are the ways I suggest to you:

#1. Building email list

At Internet Marketing, many good marketers in the world earn 5-6 figures a month in the form of email marketing.

They conceived “Your money is in your list”.

There are many ways to get your visitor’s email. You should create a funnel that makes them happy to leave you an email.

For example, I used to give an ebook to get their email, and put the optin form in the sidebar or under the article, if people see your site professionally, like to read your review, they will leave themselves email to you.

#2. Bonus

As you delve into this Product Launch method, you can see that anyone who works also gives bonuses to buyers through their affiliate links, which can be eBooks, free courses, etc., related to products.

For example: Check out the bonus in this review

#3. Create giveaway

This way I refer to many other major authority sites, they do giveaway at about every 2 months or when there is something.

Giveaway should have gifts that are limited in value and quantity products, in this way you should combine Facebook Ads promotions to take advantage of more traffic.

#4. Create a contest

You can create monthly contest, similar to giveaway, this way is very good for you who want to keep brand long.

In addition, if you don’t build from the authority site platform, you might also consider a few good promotions that you see many affiliate marketers apply successfully.

#5. Building community

The community here will be a file of people who share the same interest, want to follow you to get something.

You can build a community with Facebook group, Facebook Fanpage, Instagram, not necessarily a website.

There, you will regularly update them with useful information, or the latest news related to the niche.

Also promoting the products you want to be an affiliate, this forces your products to be relevant and useful with their interest in this area.


If you ask me: Does Product Launch still earn money? Then I affirmed that it is – but not easy, because there are many people who work together on the same product.

You need to test, try, create many ways to do it, then you will learn your own marketing experience.

Products are always available year-round and this is a hot niche, high demand so you just learn how to do digital marketing well and start more easily.

Skills such as making websites, running paid traffic, building free traffic, how much better you are, you have the chance to make money with Product Launch in particular and affiliate marketing is generally higher.

Creativity always creates success!

Wish you have a good start with affiliate marketing, if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will assist you.

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Eke Ifeanyichukwu
Eke Ifeanyichukwu
2 years ago

I appreciate this article. I gained a lot from it

2 years ago

You’re welcome bro 🙂

Goodnews Ebubechukwu
Goodnews Ebubechukwu
2 years ago

Thanks for the step by step info; am actually a beginner and wanna start my first product launch hopefully first week of may; pls can i get ur email or any means of communication i can use to get insights as am working to get more experience on this

2 years ago

Hey bro,

Thanks for the feedback!

If you need more helps, shoot me a message via admin[at], or just contact me here.