Case Study: From 0 To 75k Instagram Followers & Earn $XXK/Month On Clickbank

This is a detailed guide on how to build Instagram profile from 0 to 75k followers (by free traffic) & earn more than $30k with Clickbank. (This number is calculated until the end of 2018).

Data for 2019 please wait from another post because there are more scale directions.


Hi, I’m Anh Ngoc (born in 96) born and raised in Vietnam.

After high school, my family also arranges for me to also have the opportunity to study in a university environment. I study Telecommunications so I don’t know what Digital Marketing is.

But at the present time, I’m now a full-time affiliate marketer with 2 years of experience battling with Clickbank through source of huge free traffic from Instagram.

At this case study, I will share my journey step by step the way I did.

How Did I Know MMO & Clickbank?

2 years ago (summer 2017) when I was in my 3rd year of college, my schooling became boring and I was not at all interested in the profession I was studying at the time.

Because I did not pay attention to studying in class, at the end of my 3rd year of college, I failed 7-8 subjects, was really depressed and pressure.

At the same time, I and a friend in the dorm accidentally came across an offline session of an affiliate community and asked me to go see it.

My purpose at that time was to just follow for fun, not to know about this form. What remains in my mind after joining that community is the keyword “AFFILIATE”, but also leaving it behind, not knowing anything about it.

Until I started my final year and the school forced me to retake the subject, and I had no money to pay the tuition. In that situation, I had to find a new way for my life.

During that confusion, I remember Affiliate Marketing. At the offline meeting the previous time I had heard many people sharing, I have also learned many different professions and then transferred to Affiliate and also have certain successes.

I started on Google and searched for some affiliate marketing keywords and I accidentally came to make money with Clickbank.

Only a few days of searching, I have gathered quite a lot of documents of quite a lot of “gurus” about Clickbank. But I really couldn’t do anything but read it.

So how is my affiliate marketing journey so I can succeed with Clickbank? Please continue reading.

The First Step

As a newbie, whoever says anything, I do it, join all groups and communities about Clickbank.

Which is going to spam links, running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Solo ads, Email marketing,…

At that time, I really did not have money but tried to borrow my mother $300 to run Instagram ads with a strong belief. As a result, after only one night the money was gone and what stuck in my mind at that moment was losing faith in it.

Note: This does not mean that Instagram ads is not effective, but it also brings great profits to many other marketers. So if you’re still interested in Instagram ads, I recommend you check out the step-by-step guide about Instagram Sponsored Posts here.

Without money running ads, I began to redirect my work through the first Youtube channel to review the products on Clickbank with simple Video 2D Animation but it was quite time consuming and almost full time.

10.900 subscribers & 4.980.659 views

Since I started working, I had the first results until 6 months later (early 2018) but not worth the effort I spent during that time.

But getting the first income anyway has strengthened my beliefs for myself.


But then the following weeks did not really make any money and began to feel bewildered, everything went back to the beginning and was really deadlocked.

I began to research more about Digital Marketing documents and understand that for marketing to be successful, the first thing is to have quality traffic.

I myself do not have the capital to buy traffic, now I am forced to find a source of free traffic, easy to do, do not require much English and especially not spend a lot of time so I can have time to learn more about Digital Marketing.

Actually, Youtube is also a free source of quality traffic, but at that time I didn’t know much about video marketing, just follow the pattern that people share on the network. Each video is only about 1-2 minutes (I remember somewhere 3 channels near 1000 videos) really very persistent.

The decision is to drop the source of traffic from Youtube to find another source of free traffic that is easier to do and requires to respond to the things I am missing.

After a while of searching, traffic from Instagram responded to what I was looking for and gave me a surprise and my life changed quite a lot from it.

Instagram & The Journey Begins

As usual, I began to learn about Instagram traffic source and officially created my first account at the beginning of February 2018.

Currently, I do not take too much time to do, it takes 30 minutes every day. (Of course the first time must learn about knowledge a lot)

After 3 months of deep research into Instagram’s algorithm, studying opponents, the number of followers is increasing.

Now I only focus on building traffic, not sales. And the results were unexpected when I started to apply marketing strategies to my IG account around 5/2018.

This is the video I recorded in that time.

At this time, I know how much potential traffic from Instagram is, somewhere more than $5,000 with 2 pages about 50k and 80k followers in that month.

Until the end of 2018 I had earned somewhere $ 34,000, a number I never thought of. Until now, it was much better.


Not to mention I also let people put ads on my page at a price somewhere $20 – $50 for a post in 24 hours.

In addition to Clickbank, I also try to apply for additional marketing for ClickFunnels but now I only focus on marketing for Clickbank because it brings me more.


3 Months – Earn $XK/Month With Clickbank

This result is only a single niche (Weight Loss).

This section is my successful case study on Clickbank thanks to free traffic on Instagram.

I will not show specific my own Instagram accounts, because I had a show for some people before but less than 1 month later I discovered that some of them have copied 100% my page and I am really hard to understand.

Back in February 2018, why did I choose Weight Loss niche to start with Instagram, because I simply knew this niche before by making some videos on Youtube.

According to the statistics of IG at that time, female participation rate is higher than that of men. The percentage of rich people who are fat in countries like USA, England, Canada, Australia is very high so I think this niche will be very potential.

The first week, when I started researching traffic, content of the opponent, I really wanted to stop right away because of the terrible competition. There are 56m posts in this market and not including the related #weightloss (…..).


I just thought about why others can succeed in this competitive market, they must have a strategy or somewhere in this market there are less competitive places.

The next week I continued to delve into this market and I discovered that in the market, there is more #weightloss than niche markets like #weightlossdiet, # weightlosstea,… where competition is really more pleasant and their level of interaction and search is much more.

niche-weight-loss niche-weight-loss micro-niche-weight-loss

After I choose the niche market, I start the process of creating and setting up the account to make it eye-catching and really attract the follower.

The next thing I do is start planning content for my account so that it is consistent and valuable.

Content Ideas and Resources

At first I started searching for images and videos on websites mainly on Pinterest, Google,… and designed my own ideas to match the page structure. I often take some articles on Google and get good content from which to create images like this.

instagram content ideas

But later discovered that I could repost those images or videos together on a consistent topic and leave the source (credit) in the caption. This is quite simple and saves me quite a lot of time. And I prioritize doing a lot about this way.

repost instagram

(This is an illustrative image, at that time my account is quite small so the number of likes is not like this, somewhere dozens, hundreds of likes are many)

In the remaining 2 weeks of February, I focused on building content for these 2 accounts in 2 ways above.

After a while, I began to assess user interaction and interest in 2 types of content I posted.

As a result, the interaction on my page repost has more interaction than the content I create. But in contrast to the follower number on the page that created the content itself increased more than I went to repost.

The reason is because I repost those who need that content, they return to the original page (the page that created that content) for example above (by: @plantromance). But in repost content, there are more likes, so there are also certain followers.

After being consistent with the content topic, I start to plan the growth of followers.

Plan To Increase Follower for My Accounts

At the moment, my account started many content but the number of followers was quite small, but thanks to manual interaction, I got 1k-1,5k followers somewhere.

At that time, I learned some methods to increase follower and try to apply it. During this March, I focused on thickening content for the page and trying to increase follower on 2 accounts.

And here are some of the ways I have applied and it is quite effective you can also try.

#1: Interaction on Competitors’s Post

To find a large page in the same topic or top accounts on the search box is very easy because Instagram has proposed to the top of the search results.

You can imagine like a customer searching for keywords on Google’s toolbar, which quality sites, high visitors or high reputation will get top 10 on Google.

After finding a few big competitors, start…

  • Method 1: You can go directly to the competitor’s page to like, comment directly on their posts.
  • Method 2: Instagram has a section “Tags ~ hashtag” – There, you can find posts with the same topic, however any posts are more interactive such as like, comment, share, save, it will be ranked on Top in that #hashtag section. You can click on such posts and you will have large accounts.


Now you just need to go there and like the top posts, comment on something or drop an icon.

At that time I spent about 30 minutes every day doing these things. Remember not spam like, comment too much.

The interaction helps Instagram to favor and appreciate my account better.

#2: Following – Follow Back

What does this mean? That is, I follow potential customers so they follow me back.

First, I found some competitors on Top in the Weight Loss niche, then I exported the excel file somewhere 50k users by tools. There are many similar tools like this, so to avoid post advertising nature, I don’t mention names here.

I synthesized all in the same excel file then filter the duplicate. (You can see some youtube videos on how to guide, it’s pretty easy so I don’t talk here because it takes quite a while).

Instagram allows one day to follow up to 1000 users but at the time I was quite timid and only followed 400 users for the first day. The following days increased by 50-100 users until I reached 800-900 users a day in the next week and the follow back rate somewhere 10-20%, the good thing is that everything is completely auto.

In that month alone, when using this strategy, my page has increased somewhere ~ 4500 followers. Not to mention naturally increasing followers by interacting on the competitor’s page and suggest Instagram’s hashtag.

#3: Join The Post Exchange Group

During my work, I found that competitors with the same number of followers or a few thousand followers would interact with each other, and it would even repost each other’s posts to shove their followers back and forth.

I started trying to search for some groups but no one gave in. If I wanted to enter, I had to pay a high fee.

So now I have to look for competitors who have the same followers as my page. I remember that in the group I created at that time, I only allowed accounts with more than 6k followers to join the group. Interaction activity for a while, it is quite effective.

After I got 10k followers, I started to look for competitors who had a higher number of followers and then formed a group, so my account grew bigger and bigger. At this time, there was a natural increase in followers from Instagram, so one day there are about 200-500 followers.

#4: Buy Shoutout from Instagram Influencer

The time of my page is ~ 10k followers (the end of March and the beginning of April), I have placed affiliate link from Clickbank on my bio but the results are not much because I have not applied any marketing strategy yet. But enough for me to live through the day and cover some shoutout costs.

The product I promote is the “3 weeks diet” and after 20 days I sold more than 20 sales. And the vendor gave me a $100 breakfast.


The product is priced at $47 – the commission I received is $38 (85% commission), not counting upsell.


At that time I started to have a small amount of money to buy a little advertising from the big guys. My goal is to increase the number of followers on my page as much as possible, but I don’t care much about selling or not.

And this method has helped my page increase the number of followers quickly, but this time I still haven’t asked them to buy anything.

Depending on the niche and the follower number, the rent varies, as well as the time it appears on the page.


In this strategy, I will not mention it much because it is quite competitive, making it difficult to negotiate price squeeze later.

There is only a small suggestion that I often buy shoutouts from Shoutcart.

You can also read the post below to learn more about:

How To Buy Ads From Influencers on Instagram Most Effectively!

This time is the end of April and I remember that my page is about 45k followers (from 10k to 45k within 1 month). Now the number of followers has increased naturally and steadily increased from 1k-1.5k every day from 2 main sources: buy shoutout and from the top hashtag.

You can see my profile visits in 7 days up to 75k.

insta traffic shoutout

Officially Commercialized

I started to receive feedback from customers and even someone inbox to ask about a solution that helps them lose weight but I really don’t know anything about weight loss either and English is not very good so I just know is “Click the link in my bio” … LOL!

Apply some marketing tricks such as creating an event, giving an ebook and some free products but calculating shipping fees.

Actually, on Instagram, the conversion is quite high. At the beginning of May, I no longer buy shoutout because my page has a pretty large follower and follower from the hashtag proposal to the top is a lot, somewhere ~ 80k follower.

At this time, I began to focus on sales content and called for more purchases because there was a large amount of visits. Significant growth and complete free traffic, this is the result of each week at that time.


Scale, Scale & Scale

After a small success with the first 2 pages in the #weightloss niche (…). I started to think of ways to multiply more than many other niches and many other potential markets.

The problem here is that I don’t have much time to do all the steps at once. I started thinking about hiring students near my school to expand but it was really difficult for those guys because they didn’t know anything about Instagram.

I know that it is necessary to summarize the process and checklist step by step so they can understand. And that is proven when some students I hire from unknown until they have results only within 4 months.

So I scaled my account and the market. At first I just thought of building IG accounts to be an affiliate with Clickbank but later I was asked by many people, they inbox me to buy my account and want to place ads on my pages.

Someone has placed an ad for 12 hours on my page.


Someone asked to buy my Instagram account.


If you have read my case study here, then surely you also see the benefits that traffic from Instagram brings is great.

This form is very suitable for newbie like me at that time because it’s easy to do, capital is considered to be zero, there is not much need for English, time and knowledge of Digital Marketing.

And it is also a source of extremely large and free traffic if you know how to leverage it to promote big campaigns or build brands on Instagram.

In addition to being affiliate marketing, you can also build accounts on Instagram to sell or let others place ads. This is also a fairly sustainable form that I am also developing.

If you have any questions, just comment right below. Also, I would like to hear your thoughts on this case study.

Thank you for reading, hoping that what I share will help you understand something about Instagram.


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