Doodle Maker Review (Paul Ponna): Is DoodleMaker Worth Using?

Welcome to my Doodle Maker review!

Doodle Videos are a type of animated marketing or training video. They are another term for Whiteboard/Blackboard/Glassboard Animation Videos.

As a unique form of animation, doodle videos show a hand drawing the cartoon as a narrator speaks your marketing message. The combination of listening to the marketing message and watching as the hand draws the cartoon keeps viewers watching and absorbing more of the information you want to get across.

These days, viewers consume so many marketing messages that you need to do something different to keep them watching.

Doodle Videos are one of the most effective and memorable ways to get your marketing message across.

And with Doodle Maker software, you can create premium-quality Doodle Videos that boost customer engagement and sales without doing much, just using built-in Artificial Intelligence technology.

Okay now, let’s jump into my Doodle Maker review to see exactly what it can do!

Doodle Maker Rating $47
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  • Product Name: Doodle Maker
  • Creators: Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar
  • Launch Date: Sep 1st, 2020
  • Launch Time: 11am EST
  • Bonus: Yes! See my custom-made bonuses at the bottom.
  • Refund: 30 days money back guaranteed!
  • Price: $47.00 (One-Time Payment)
    – After launch, the price will be increased.
  • Coupon Code: Updating…

DoodleMaker is the world’s first Doodle Video Creation software that uses Intuitive Artificial Intelligence to allow anyone, regardless of technical skills, age or design skills to effortlessly create spectacular, realistic and professional doodle videos in over 30+ languages within minutes.

Read my Doodle Maker review for more details or click below to buy it now!

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#1. What is Doodle Maker?

Doodle Maker is the world’s first Doodle Video Creation software that uses Intuitive Artificial Intelligence to allow anyone, regardless of technical skills, age or design skills to effortlessly create spectacular, realistic and professional doodle videos in over 30+ languages within minutes.

#2. Who’s the creator of Doodle Maker?


Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar are the product creators of this powerful revolutionary Intuitive Artificial Intelligence Video technology like never seen before – Doodle Maker!

If you don’t know who they are, they have been digital entrepreneurs with over 2 decades of experience and have amassed countless awards for best selling products on numerous digital platforms and they produce million dollar masterpieces.

They are able to produce million dollar launches because they understand the market, they analyse the data and they know what customers want and they ultimately have undeniable proven methods they deploy in order to execute a successful launch.

With that in mind, you can best rest assured, Doodle Maker will be the BIGGEST launch to finish off 2020 with a bang.

#3. How does Doodle Maker work?

Simply Enter ANY Text, whether a simple article, an e-book or text script, basically any piece of content you desire.

Then the AI goes to work and intuitively scans your content and then pairs up the text keywords to the relevant doodle image instantaneously.

Additionally, you have the full ability to alter and customize the images by accessing a library of THOUSANDS of HIGH QUALITY doodle images, Icon finder and a Pixabay API integration means you have unlimited choices at your finger tips.

This means you have endless possibilities when it comes to creating your doodles and more importantly.. no doodle is ever the same!

This truly is a remarkable feature and benefit as not only you will be saving time and money but you will have the power to use this for your own business or profit massively by providing this as service as commercial rights are included!

If you’re still confused, you can watch the detailed demo video below for more details…

So, in case if you want to watch more sample videos that created by Doodle Maker, just click the button below!


#4. Doodle Maker review: Features & benefits

Here are just a few things that Doodle Maker can do:

  • The fastest animated doodle video maker software in the world using the power of artificial intelligence.
  • Create whiteboard, blackboard, and glassboard doodle videos in minutes within ONE APP – No need for multiple apps.
  • Convert all your EXISTING videos into doodle animation videos effortlessly using our next generation. (Using Built-in YouTube To Doodle Maker)
  • Absolutely the best text to speech engine in the world to create studio quality videos in ANY LANGUAGE without ever having to record your own voice, be in front of the camera OR hire expensive voice over artists!
  • Look like a professional video animator without any need for learning complex animation skills (let our AI system do all the thinking for you!) Over 300+ Beautiful Templates to choose from!
  • You can start off with a simple article, text script or content piece and our app will create a professional Doodle whiteboard video in seconds WITHOUT ever having to do additional work.
  • Access a library of millions of high-quality icons, images and content that you can easily import into the app to create even more HD quality videos.
  • Access to a Library of soundtracks to really create a unique doodle video with all the bells and whistles.
  • Create studio quality whiteboard and doodle videos without expensive computer hardware or needing years of animation experience.
  • The app is on the cloud which means all the video creation happens on our enterprise grade Google and Amazon servers!

And a whole lot more so you can check them out yourself on the sales page or watch the detailed demo video above!

In the next section of this Doodle Maker review, I will show you some reasons why you should get Doodle Maker right now!

#5. Why should you buy Doodle Maker?

The World Has Changed!

With COVID-19, we saw MASS unemployment and millions around the world being unable to return back to a their physical job.

However, what we witnessed was a MAJOR SPIKE of people during lock down, now turning to the internet for ways how they could make an income using the internet.

We saw that education has shifted completely online and the likes of ZOOM have had massive growth and now the prestigious HARVARD school, teaching their classes ALL online and still charging the same amount per year!

With the online education industry booming, and people now understanding they can no longer rely on a single income stream and the possibility of another LOCKDOWN.

We have seen Doodle whiteboard videos are the best way to educate, sell, engage, and inspire audiences worldwide.

This is the PERFECT time more than ever to use Doodle Maker during this current climate.

So, whether you’re a personal trainer, educator, teacher, consultant or coach, etc., NOTHING beats whiteboard videos in ensuring your training, concepts and ideas are understood by your students or customers.

You don’t even need to be in front of a camera or even use your own voice and with the AI Video Translation Engine you can now effectively communicate to customers globally in their native tongue.

If you are a marketer or advertising agency, or you want a way to make some money right now as a independent freelancer, than nothing beats how quickly you can build conversion-getting videos.

Packed Into ONE Dashboard!


Unlike other obsolete pre-dated Doodle Makers that only include one feature, Doodle Maker software comes loaded with several never-seen-before ground breaking technologies packed into ONE!

The best part? The jaw dropping LOW price on launch day!

Using the commercial license included, users can sell the videos they create to clients for $300 to $500 each OR offer Doodle Creation services to their clients for TOP DOLLAR!

The possibilities to profit with Doodle Maker software are totally endless!

So, I highly recommend you pick ‘Doodle Maker’ now at a massive early bird discount as soon as possible… before it’s gone! The discount is available only for the first few customers.


#6. DoodleMaker review: Pros & Cons

Doodle Maker Pros:

  • Commercial Rights INCLUDED!
  • Text-to-Speech, AI Translation Engine, 100+ male & female voices.
  • Record your own voice, Icon Finder and Pixabay API.
  • Built-in library of Images, Colour Image to Sketch Converter.
  • Board Switcher, Add Your Own Watermark, Built-in Transitions.
  • Element Speed Changer, Colour Changer.
  • Export in 720p or 1080p HD quality.
  • Youtube and Vimeo Publisher.
  • Create UNLIMITED Videos, Freehand Editor.
  • 300+ Ready Made templates, Intuitive text to image finder.
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • A Lot of Custom-Made Bonuses Right Below!

Doodle Maker Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on Sep 8th, the price will be increased to $197.
  • The funnel is pretty deep; 4 whole upgrade options. But the Doodle Maker frontend offer is complete without ANY upgrade & they all offer a unique and useful upgrade opportunity.

#7. How much does Doodle Maker cost?

Doodle Maker Front-End ($47 One-Time)

The Front-end offer of Doodle Maker offers tons of features for a one-time price.

  • Whiteboard, Glassboard & Blackboard Videos
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Effortlessly easy to use
  • AI Video Translation Engine
  • Sell to clients globally
  • Over 300+ Templates
  • Text-to-Speech In 70 languages
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • Royalty Free image Library
  • Image To Sketch Converter
  • Millions Of High Quality Doodle Images & Icons
  • Built-In color Changer
  • Intuitive text to image finder
  • Full HD Rendering
  • Element Speed Changer
  • 160+ male & female voices
  • Icon Finder and Pixabay API
  • Freehand Editor
  • Record your own voice
  • Add Your Own Watermark
  • Youtube and Vimeo Publisher
  • Built-In Doodle Style Transitions
  • UNLIMITED Usage – No limits
  • Commercial License!

Doodle Maker OTO 1: White Label ($497 One-Time)

Sell the Doodle Maker app as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

  • Rebrand with your own logo and branding to make the app your own. (once in a lifetime opportunity)
  • Unlimited Sub-accounts, sell as many copies as you like.
  • Set your own price.
  • Done-for-you VSL to sell the app as your own.
  • Done-for-you Sales Page – graphics and copywriting done to convert prospects into sales.
  • They manage app hosting and software updates: Sell without hassles
  • No monthly or yearly fees.

DoodleMaker OTO 2: Deluxe Upgrade ($49 One-Time)

Get access to additional features worth thousands. 10X your results, sales and profits and get ahead of other Doodle Maker customers!

  • New templates monthly for 1 year: Brand new customizable whiteboard, glassboard, and blackboard templates added to your account each month for 1 year (no monthly fees).
  • Ready-made human voice overs for all new templates (Male and Female) – save money, no need to hire expensive voice artists.
  • Ready made video scripts written by a copywriter for all new templates (modify as you like) crafted to convert your prospects into sales!
  • Premium Royalty Free Music Files (for your doodle videos)
  • Priority Video Rendering – Google Cloud Server (Get your videos rendered faster than other customers without waiting in line)
  • Priority Access To Future App Updates: Deluxe members get all the future feature updates first before other members so they can stay on the cutting edge without working about saturation or competition.

DoodleMaker OTO 3: Toon Video Maker App ($59 One-Time)

Go beyond doodle videos, add new TOON videos to your marketing toolbox. Toon videos are proven ways to maximize results. Biggest fortune 500 companies use Toon videos to market their services.

Toon videos are the hottest video formats after doodle videos. You can sell each video you make for $300 to $500 each.

Doodle Maker OTO 4: Client Engine App ($29 One-Time)

Client Engine software allows users to find top paying clients to sell videos, or any other service. This is perfect for anyone looking to sell their doodle videos made with Doodle Maker for top dollar.

The software lets users search on the top 5 job sites from inside one platform. No need to visit multiple sites to find jobs and people looking for video creation services.

  • Unlimited Searches
  • No Limits / No Monthly Fees / Unlimited Usage
  • Find Unlimited Paying Clients – Sell videos or anything other service
  • Search on Top 5 Job Sites – PeoplePerHour, Craigslist, Freelancer, Project4Hire and Guru
  • Keep 100% of the profit.
  • No monthly fees, pay once, use for lifetime.
  • Stop chasing clients, find them in minutes!
  • No cold calling, no face-to-face meeting.
  • Close BIG-TICKET deals online.

#8. Who is Doodle Maker best for?

Here is just a tiny selection of what Doodle Maker software is perfect for:

  • Conteat Creator
  • Sales Videos (VSL’s)
  • Teachers
  • Increase Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Trainers
  • Facebook ADs
  • Freelancing
  • Educational Videos
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Online Businesses
  • YouTubers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And Much More.

It works in all niches and industries.

Remember: With Multi-lingual features, with over 30+ Languages to choose from you have a global audience reach, whether customers or clients at your finger tips!

#9. FAQs about Doodle Maker

What Makes DoodleMaker Different From Other Apps?

DoodleMaker comes loaded with industry leading features that are not available in any other app.

Artificial intelligence, 300 ready-made video templates, text-to-speech, 1-click language translation, text-to-doodle video converter, color or black&white doodles, millions of doodle assets and a whole lot more.

You get everything for a low one-time price. Nothing comes close!

Does Doodle Maker Work On Windows & MAC?

YES! Doodle Maker is a 100% cloud-based solution, meaning it’ll work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection to use the app. Nothing to install, nothing to update – it works perfectly right out of the box.

Does Doodle Maker work On Mobile Phones?

YES! Doodle Maker works on all computers, smartphones and smart devices (IOS and Android). This means you can create and sell videos on the fly. Also, all the videos are fully mobile responsive.

You Say “Unlimited Video Creation” What’s The Catch?

There is no catch! If you choose Doodle Maker Commercial, you can create & sell as many videos as you want, as often as you want, for any number of niches… and keep 100% of the profits.

Is Step-By-Step Training Included?

YES! Doodle Maker comes with step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process and it also includes how to sell your videos for top dollar!

#10. Doodle Maker review: Final verdict

Okay so with Doodle Maker, you now can create professional doodle videos in minutes in any niches.

And the best part is, you don’t even need to be in front of a camera or even use your own voice, and with the AI Video Translation Engine you can now effectively communicate to customers globally in their native tongue.

I highly recommend Doodle Maker to anyone wants to create & sell an incredible amount of high quality doodle videos quickly & easily, even if you are just starting out or have no experience like me.

If you have any other questions, please drop your messages in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my Doodle Maker review!

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