ProfileMate Review (Luke Maguire): Is It Worth Using or Not?

Welcome to my ProfileMate review!

It’s a brand new app that was launched by a 7-figure online marketer & the #1 Vendor in the world on JVZoo – Luke Maguire on September 30th at 11am EST.

As its claim on the sales page, ProfileMate will literally give you hundreds to thousands of emails, phone numbers & details daily from Instagram for free.

And instantly will allow you to drive sales to your bank without spending any money on using opt in pages that don’t work.

Sounds interesting, right?

Okay, let’s jump into my ProfileMate review to see exactly what it is and how it all works!

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  • Product Name: ProfileMate
  • Creators: Luke Maguire
  • Launch Date: Sep 30th, 2020
  • Launch Time: 11am EST
  • Bonus: Yes! See my custom-made bonuses below.
  • Refund: 14 days money back guaranteed!
  • Price: $47.00 (One-Time Price)
    – After launch, the price will be increased.
  • Coupon Code: “VIPMATE” for $2 OFF!

ProfileMate is the worlds #1 Instagram fan growth, email building & competitor domination software that allows you get hundreds to thousands of emails daily & instantly from your competitors fans in minutes without spending any money, legally and ethically!

Read my ProfileMate review for more details or click below to buy it now!

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#1. What is ProfileMate?

profilemate main dashboard login

ProfileMate is the world’s first and only Instagram analytic and growth tool that enables you to get thousands of contact emails for and insights on your competitors fans – legally and ethically!

It will optimize your Instagram marketing by analyzing your competitors’ pages and engaging with your target market 24/7 – building relationships and making sales – on autopilot.

It allows you to never miss messages, to always respond instantly, and to automatically follow up with and engage your prospects… even if it’s 3am and you’re sound asleep!

This is going to be the new gold standard of social media marketing, and the first movers stand to gain an almost unfair advantage.

#2. How does ProfileMate work?

Luke has not only discovered the solution, he has made finding new leads and customers as easy as 1..2..3!

When you use his brand new ProfileMate, all you have to do is just:

  • Enter a competitor, fan page, or content you want analyzed.
  • Instantly view results of your competitors’ followers – including their public ready-to-contact emails, numbers, locations and information, segmenting users who want to be emailed and contacted.
  • Get hundreds, even thousands of new leads to contact monthly and covert followers into fans and customers, like never before.

This could not be any easier!

If you’re still confused, you can watch the quick ProfileMate demo video below for more details!

So, in case if you want to learn more about ProfileMate, just click the button below!


#3. ProfileMate review: Features & Benefits

Here are some of the powerful features of ProfileMate:

Public Email & Number Domination

ProfileMate will allow you to get the details of any competitor or like minded page, breaking down their customer audience into a single document ready for you to promote to directly or create a look alike audience with the public details provided that NO one has ever taken advantage of doing.

Competitor Insights Like Never Before

Analyse competitor trends, similar pages, most engaged users of any profile, locations & other important marketing details in seconds with ProfitMate.

Thousands of Contactable Users Delivered to You Every Single Day

ProfileMate will work when you sleep & allow you to get access to the most important user information, allow you to find the winners & instantly convert them to your offer.

Remove the Guesswork of Insta Marketing

ProfileMate allows you to take public data and use it to contact those who WANT to be contacted from ANY fan page.

Use this to email direct, create lookalike audience & remove the old method of spending money to get emails legally.

Generate Buyer Traffic in Minutes

ProfileMate analyses thousands of profiles per hour and instantly giving you LIVE reports of your selected audience & then giving you a list of those who are ready, wanting and excited to be contacted.

To do this manually would take years.

Personal Account Marketing

Not only does ProfileMate allows you to get the right details of your competitors, it also allows you to screen your own, warm leads & convert them quicker than ever before from a FAN to a SALE.

In the next section of this ProfileMate review, I will show you some reasons why you should get ProfileMate right now!

#4. Why should you buy ProfileMate?

As we all know, Instagram gives a lot of details in users bios, from emails, mobile numbers, addresses, fan counts, ability to search which fans are most active and engaged.

To search all this manually it would take years!

That’s why PROFILEMATE is here to automate this entire process for you.

ProfileMate allows you to target your competitors’ Instagram followers and instantly swipe their contact info – email, location, preferences, and YES – mobile phone number!

Better still, ProfileMate instantly converts these ready-to-be-contacted leads into one list so you can sms, call and email them automatically!

So, I highly recommend picking ‘ProfileMate’ with 80% OFF as soon as possible… before it’s gone! Use this coupon code “VIPMATE” for $2 OFF!


#5. ProfileMate review: Pros & Cons

ProfileMate Pros:

  • 100% automated doing the work that it would take hundreds of humans to do.
  • Competitor breakdown.
  • Never pay for ads again.
  • Scan, message & convert your own fans.
  • Find segment users from potential customers, to finding Influencers in seconds.
  • Call To Action Based Sorting.
  • User occupation & Interest search.
  • Training on how to take leads & convert them.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Full Agency Rights (launch week only).
  • 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Tons of Custom-Made Bonuses Right Below.

ProfileMate Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on Oct 6th, the price will be increased.

#6. How much does ProfileMate cost?

ProfileMate goes live on Sep 30th @ 11am EST. Coupon Code: “VIPMATE” for $2 OFF!

FE EarlyBird Pricing: $47.00 until 2am ET on Thursday October 1st.

FE ProfileMate: $47 (One Time Investment)

This gives users the ability to search 2-3k users per day – which will give details of 2-3 thousand followers a day – in terms of emails (big selling point) this will get around 50-150 emails a day (1 in 10 users on average have their email public to be contacted) – the recurring upsell increases this dramatically.

OTO1: VIP Training ($67 One Time)

Luke covers how to use ProfilMate in ecom, local marketing, affiliate marketing and offline business.

This training really goes into how to CONVERT the traffic into money in the bank and has always been a no brainer.

This is the A-Z spoon fed training on monetization with ProfileMate.

This also includes his VIP webinar series where he works with students live on their specific niches and with their actual business’s.

He stays on webinar for hours in these webinars to work with every attendee live with their business and share to the entire audience – by the end of it they have seen the process so many times it’s hard to fail if they implement.

OTO2: Supercharged Searches (5x-10x Speed and Results Location & Hashtag) ($47/Month)

This upgrade will allow users to 10x their search results, essentially giving them 10 days of front end search results in a single day. this is the difference between 300 emails a day to 3 thousand.

This upgrade also allows users to search hash tags AND location posts.

OTO3: Unbranded Version ($197 to $497)

Essentially like whitelabel except without the branding, the vendors are offering both:

  • 10 licence keys ($197)
  • 50 licence keys ($497)

This is a no brainer for any agency or local marketers who want to offer ProfileMate to their clients as if it’s made by them.

This will allow users to create unbranded ProfileMate front end licences & add their clients in as if it’s built by them.

#7. Who is ProfileMate best for?

ProfileMate will help you convert more sales than ever before, no matter what niche.


ProfileMate will allow you to get the details of any competitor or like minded page, breaking down their customer audience into a single document ready for you to promote to directly or create a look alike audience with the public details provided that NO one has ever taken advantage of doing.


ProfileMate will be THE tool that gives your local agency something that NO other agency has – the ability to show clients their competitors exact audience and allow you to legally contact those who are asking to be contacted in seconds.


Screen your top marketing influencers, competitors and pages to get a break down of their most engaged users, from their locations, fan size, engagement on other like minded profiles & then again convert those who want to be contacted with your offer/service.


Without a doubt one of, if not THE key feature of ProfileMate – 1 in 10 profiles provide their email data in their bio or as a clickable button asking to be contacted.

ProfileMate will do the screening for you, and give you a done for you list of users you can then reach out to in seconds. There is never been a platform that can get so many emails legally so quickly.

#8. FAQs about ProfileMate

What is ProfileMate?

It’s a super easy to use, yet incredibly powerful web-based software that completely automates growing AND engaging with a huge following on Instagram.

Why do I need to worry about Instagram?

Well, there are over 1 billion active users on Instagram who are 52 times more likely to buy from you than a Facebook user… and 127 more likely than a Twitter user!

What does ProfileMate actually do?

It would be easier to tell you what it doesn’t do, this really is a complete Instagram marketing suite. But in all seriousness I highly recommend going here to watch the demo video now.

Is this difficult to use, do I need any special skills?

Nope and that’s the beauty of it. With ProfileMate, you let the system do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is enter your competitor’s info and press start.

You don’t need to do any complex coding or analyze any data… at all!

ProfileMate automatically generates hundreds to thousands of warm leads every day AND uses their contact info to email them for you!

#9. ProfileMate review: Final verdict

Imagine being able to literally go out and within minutes have a list of highly targeted users details, hundreds to even thousands of emails, phone numbers, websites, influencers..

And ready-to-buy customers that WANT to be contacted without having to spend a dollar on ads ever.. all in one dashboard.

That’s so awesome, right!

ProfileMate is going to be the new gold standard of social media marketing, and the first movers stand to gain an almost unfair advantage.

So, take action right now and claim your copy of ProfileMate while you still can!

If you have any other questions, please drop your messages in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my ProfileMate review!

#10. Why should you buy ProfileMate from me?

If you buy through my ProfileMate review, you’ll get all the custom-made bonuses below that you won’t see anywhere else. My custom bonuses will help you succeed faster with ProfileMate.

Now have a look at my bonuses below…












1/ Affiliazione WP

Affiliates plugin allows you to set up an affiliate marketing program for your users tracking their referrals, clicks and sales.

2/ Messaggio Automatico

Automessage WordPress Plugin allows you to send custom automated welcome emails for several days after a user joins your site or network.

3/ E-Newsletter

E-Newsletter plugin adds a professional management system for your email newsletter and subscribers to your WordPress website.
Invite Plugin allows your users to send out invitations to friends to view or join your WordPress site.

4/ Invite Plugin

Invite Plugin allows your users to send out invitations to friends to view or join your WordPress site.

5/ Private Messaging

The Private Messaging WordPress plugin from WPMUDEV allows your users to chat and share files safely on your website through direct messages.

6/ Social Marketing Share

Social Marketing plugin allows you to offer incentives for users sharing your products or services on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

7/ Subscribe by Email

Subscribe by Email Plugin allows your visitors to be automatically notified about your latest content in email digests.

8/ Ultimate Facebook Integrazione

Ultimate Facebook plugin fully integrates your WordPress blog with Facebook (autopost to your Facebook page or wall

9/ Simple Ads

Simple Ads WordPress Plugin allows you to insert ads on posts and pages across a multisite network.

10/ Popup Pro

Popup pro plugin allows you to add highly flexible and customizable popups for advertising or special promotions to your site.

11/ EasyGram

The EasyGram WordPress Plugin allows you to create amazing posts or galleries on your WordPress Site which include your Instagram photos.

12/ Social Commerce

The Social Commerce WordPress Plugin converts your WordPress Site into a Facebook friendly destination – especially for your social eCommerce customers.

You’ll Also Get These Bonuses Below…

profilemate launch bonuses

How To Access The Bonuses?

All you have to do is click on ANY button in this ProfileMate review, pick up your copy to receive all my custom-made bonuses above for FREE.

Bonuses are instantly delivered to your Warriorplus or JVZoo account.

If you have bought through Clickbank, or in case you have any problems, forward your receipt to admin@amnewsfeed(dot)com

bonuses instant delivered warriorplus jvzoo

The bonuses from vendor will be automatically delivered in the members area.


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