Rank Reel Review: New 5-in-1 Whitehat Video Ranking Suite

“Welcome to my Rank Reel Review!”

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  • Product Name: Rank Reel
  • Authors: Ben Murray & Abhi Dwivedi
  • Launch Date: May 10th, 2019
  • Launch Time: 11am EST
  • Bonus: Yes!
  • Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • COUPON CODE: rank5 comes into effect to bring the price back down 5%
  • Price: $27.00 for Rank Reel Commercial.
    – After launch, the price will be increased to $69.00!

If you’ve been looking for an all-in-one done for you solution to start ranking your or your client’s videos on page #1 of Google and YouTube quickly by using whitehat methods for lasting rank, then look no further.

Rank Reel is the first of it’s kind – A breakthrough “all-in-one” SEO cloud app is divided into 5 modules including: keyword research, in-depth competition research, 1-click description & SEO video optimization, whitehat back-linking, and local influencer SEO.

Find out more in my Rank Reel review below!


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You might have heard that video SEO is “dead” & ranking videos is too hard to do now.

The truth is, there’s more opportunity to profit than ever in history — IF you do things whitehat & use new tactics for 2019.

While most video rank tools are outdated, missing key features, & flat out dangerous to your account… a powerful new “all-in-one” whitehat video ranking tool is about to hit the market.

It’s called Rank Reel & is a 5-in-1 suite that safely ranks you or your client’s videos on page #1 of Google and YouTube quickly with lasting rankings.

Pretty cool right?

Just keep an eye on my Rank Reel review. I’ll show you more information about this ‘5-in-1 Whitehat Video Ranking Suite’ right below.

Also, make sure to get in early and lock the early bird pricing.

#1. What is Rank Reel?

rank reelRank Reel is a breakthrough “all-in-one” SEO cloud app that ranks you or your client’s videos on page #1 of Google and YouTube quickly using brand new, whitehat methods for lasting rank.

It’s divided into 5 modules including: Keyword Research, In-Depth Competition Research, 1-Click Description & SEO Video Optimization, Whitehat Backlinking, and Local Influencer Outreach with tons of valuable features for SEO in 2019.

#2. Meet the creator

rank reel creators

The men behind this product are Abhi Dwivedi & his business partner Ben Murray. I’m pretty sure that you may have heard the name Abhi Dwivedi at least once or twice if you are an online marketer.

He has buzzed the market numerous times with his forward-looking products such as: VidNeos, VidCuratorFX, TubeSync, Sharp Social, VidBuilderFX, SyVid, VisualReel, LIVEreel, ClipsReel, ScriptReel, StoryReel, ViralReel and much more.

Because of his renowned reputation in the market, there is no doubt that Rank Reel will also become a huge success in the near future. The next part of my Rank Reel Review is going to articulate its major functions.

#3. Main features

Module 1. Keyword SEO

‘Horizontal’ Keyword/Niche Suggestor – Find synonyms & categories relating to any keyword to rank videos ‘for. This finds broader keywords/niches that other keyword tools wouldn’t be able to find for untapped opportunities.

rank reel features

Keyword Suggestion Finder – Enter any keyword & find tons of related ones & data like Search Volume, Competition, and Confidence scores for each.


Module 2. In-depth Competition Research

YouTube/Google Spy – Spy on the top 10 videos for any keyword and see key metrics you can optimize to beat out their ranking in easy-to-understand red, yellow, & green indicators.


Google Competition Analysis – Just like YouTube competition, spy on the top 10 links for any keywords and see what it takes to beat them out to rank on page #1.


Module 3. Description & SEO Optimization

YouTube Longtail Tags Search and Swiper – Swipe the best tags your competitors are using to rank #1 in YouTube and Google for yourself. This suggests short & longtail (longer word) tags. It will also allow users to enter any video youtube URL into the search and it will pull the best tags that YouTube video is using.


DFY, Customizable Ranking Templates – Pick a hot local niche & RankReel will auto-generate a high-ranking YouTube title, description, & tags with the businesses name & location you’re trying to rank for.


Module 4. Whitehat Backlinking

Social Bookmark Submission – Connect multiple accounts to social bookmarking platforms like Bitly, Tumblr, Plurk, Medium, and more and auto post a link to your RankReel video there if you choose.


Whitehat Authority Local Links Maker – Find a variety of whitehat local link opportunities to help your videos rank higher in Google & YouTube.


Module 5. Local Influencer Outreach

Local Influencer Views & Signals – Find & make deals with the top local influencers on social media for real social signals & organic video views.


Commercial Rights Included – Sell video ranking services, charge per lead sent, sell data ranking reports, and more to make $1000s a month with RankReel & far more than that.


#4. How’s it different than other SEO tools?


Unlike all the other tools, RankReel uses whitehat methods to safely get your video to the top of the search results and stay there without getting your videos removed or your channel deleted.


Just tap a few buttons to uncover the keywords, tags and even the type of content you need to dominate your local niche for clients or your own business…

then click a few more buttons to automatically optimize your video and get authority backlinking opportunities so that it rises to the top like clockwork.


RankReel is packed with 5 brand new and powerful modules of technology to boost your video rankings fast all from one simple dashboard.


RankReel contains brand new SEO features needed in 2019 like ability to get local influencer traffic, find new whitehat backlink opportunities, ability to find keyword types other tools miss, & far more.

#5. How to start ranking with Rank Reel?

Here’s how you can instantly start ranking your videos on page #1 with Rank Reel in the demo video right below!

Watch Rank Reel In Action Here!

#6. Should I buy Rank Reel?

The answer will be “YES!“… if you want your videos to rank high on search engines such as Google and Youtube.

With RankReel, this breakthrough technology is like your own private SEO robot, optimizing your videos and sending you and clients free traffic, day after day, for no cost.

And the best part?

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to get results.

Ben & Abhi are certainly not experts and just use the same software you’re about to get your hands on to automatically optimize their videos and send them to the top of YouTube and Google like clockwork.

rank reel proof rank reel proof 2

Now you can too… thanks to this incredible new video ranking tool that Abhi & Ben have been working on for months!

RankReel Isn’t Just for Local Video Agencies Either

You absolutely can use RankReel to get all the free traffic you can dream of, no matter what business you’re in:

  • Local SEO agencies
  • Affiliates
  • Ecom store owners
  • Product creators
  • Freelancers
  • Coaches and consultants

Whatever business you’re promoting online, RankReel will finally allow you to get in front of thousands of warm leads and real buyers on YouTube for free day after day.

Plus, You’re Getting the Commercial Rights Thrown In As Well Today

Rank unlimited numbers of videos for clients, sell unlimited ranking data reports, and charge whatever you please for your video services as RankReel comes with the Commercial License included. The money—making possibilities are endless!

  • Charge a flat fee to rank each video.
  • “Lease” your videos to local business owners.
  • Sell leads for big bucks to biz owners.
  • Sell “analysis reports” to clients (and let them rank the video themselves using the info you’ve generated from RankReel in seconds!)

How much money can you make?

Well, with just 5 clients per week each paying you $500 to rank their next video at the top of YouTube (you can charge much more)

… you could be collecting $2500 per week!

rank reel proof 3

Endorsed And Loved By Customers

rank reel testimonials

Ready to start marketing like a pro and better than competitors? Get Rank Reel using the early bird discount button below:


#7. Frequently Asked Questions

What all am I getting in my purchase?

Today you’ll get all the features described above. This includes the rights to use for yourself OR clients with 500 keyword searches per month, 500 link search opportunities, 1000 competition searches in YouTube and 1000 in Google.

Do I have to buy any upsells to really have success?

The great thing is you can go out and start a serious business with everything you see on this page. No need to purchase any upgrades to get the “real” software unlike other launches you may have seen. There will be a few upgrades for power users looking for more features and licenses you can see after purchase.

How is this better than all the other SEO tools?

RankReel uses whitehat methods to safely get your video to the top of the search results and stay there without getting your videos removed or your channel deleted plus it’s the only all-in-one SEO app with keyword research, description optimization, backlinking, real views/social signals, and more.

Do you offer support?

Yes, you can see our Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. We offer full support and training. Our team is here for you, 24/7.

Will this work where I live?

It doesn’t matter where you live. If you have an internet connection, you can use this software and training to target biz owners in your local area or anywhere else in the world and close them on your services. Any language. Any country. Any city. Any suburb!

Is there a money back guarantee?

Of course! You have a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Try it for yourself, see how easy you can find and win clients, and if you don’t agree, contact us for an instant, no—hassle refund.

#8. What I like & What I don’t like

I like:

  • Newbie friendly, easy to use software, no need to install anything.
  • Uncover Hidden, Profitable Keywords – Find related niches & profitable keywords other keyword tools can’t find to rank.
  • Point & Click Optimization – Use our DFY, customizable templates to rank videos fast in the best local niches.
  • Safe Authority Backlinking – Find authority, local link opportunities to push your videos to #1 & have them stay there.
  • Advanced Competition Research – See how hard & exactly what it takes to rank #1 for any term in Google or YouTube.
  • Get Real Views from Influencers – Find local influencers & get them to share your video for real social signals & views.
  • Ben Murray offers a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. So you just need to drop him a message at Support, and get your refund processed instantly.
  • When you buy Rank Reel, you’ll also immediately receive a lot of Premium Bonuses from the vendors and me right below.

I don’t like:

  • With Rank Reel Commercial Rights (FE Product $27 & up to $69 after launch), you only have 500 keyword searches per month, 500 link search opportunities, 1000 competition searches in YouTube and 1000 in Google. If you want more, you need to upgrade.

#9. What’s in the Funnel?


Rank Reel Commercial: $27 and will be increased to $69 after launch [See more details]

Users will get Commercial Rights to the “all-in-one” SEO video ranking app with access to all 5 modules including keyword research, in-depth competition research, 1-click description & SEO video optimization, whitehat back-linking, and local influencer SEO.


OTO1 – Rank Reel Diamond: $49 – $67 [See more details]

With the Diamond upgrade, users will get the Keyword Autocomplete feature which lets users search for longer tail autocomplete keywords on several networks including Google, Bing, Amazon, App Store, and more. Plus They will get the Outsourcer License, more DFY Ranking Templates (10 added), more usage rights, and exclusive Diamond level bonuses.

+ OTO1 Downsell – Rank Reel Diamond Lite: $29 [See more details]

For those who don’t have the budget for RankReel Diamond, we’ll have a “Lite” version that has only half the features but lower price.

OTO2 – Rank Reel Enterprise: $69 [See more details]

With this ultimate edition of RankReel, users get access to LiveStreaming built into the app with the ability to stream their fully optimized videos to the most popular live video networks. They also get more usage rights, agency rights + team member integration ability, access to the 100% commission resell program, and exclusive Enterprise level bonuses.

+ OTO2 Downsell – Rank Reel Enterprise Lite: $39 [See more details]

For those who don’t have the budget for RankReel Enterprise, we’ll have a “Lite” version that has only half the features but lower price

OTO3 – Rank Reel SyVid Special: $39 [See more details]

SyVid is a cloud-based app where you upload a single video which is then automatically uploaded and published on 8 different video sharing websites along with unique title, descriptions and your keywords. We’ve built SyVid integration into the front-end as a bonus so this is sure to convert well.

Rank Reel Script Reel Special: $29 [See more details]

An automatic multi-lingual video translation app that converts your videos audio into text, translates it, creates auto-captions and creates multi-lingual voice-overs as well, all in one for faster rankings – great fit in this funnel.

Rank Reel ClipsReel Special: $19 [See more details]

Turn any URL into a video using machine learning & our adaptive A.I. technology, within minutes with 100% customization.

#10. Rank Reel review: Your turn

In my Rank Reel review, Ben Murray offers me a special deal with a discount price of only $27 to introduce his system to all of my readers.

So if you get the product through my website, your deal will be the best one possible.

But, this is a limited time deal and he will pull this special offer down forever – Yes, he is very strict with it.

So, don’t miss this opportunity and be the first one to buy this powerful video ranking software as the lowest price as it goes live.

“I’ve been trying to profit with my videos by ranking them for a long time, but it seems every keyword I try is super saturated and too hard to rank for. Then, I tested out Rank Reel and found tons of untapped opportunities in the exact niches I was struggling in and had my first video ranked on page 1 the next day. Not very often a product lives up to the hype but in this case Rank Reel is the exception.”

And finally, I just wanted to say: “While you are thinking about buying this, other people have bought and used it for their business which also means they are attracting customers from you. Don’t hesitate anymore!”

This is the end of my Rank Reel review, so if you have anything to discuss about this product, leave a comment right below. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading!

Founder of amNewsfeed.com

If you buy through my Rank Reel review, you’ll get these exclusive bonuses below.

Just contact me or email your receipt to admin[at]amnewsfeed.com (Replace [at] with @, this tactic is to avoid spam).

Premium Bonus #1: VidRankNeos

vidrank neos1

Get Unlimited Traffic with Page #1 Ranking! With VidRankNeos You Are Guaranteed To Rank Your Videos And Once You’ve Done That, You Can Easy Track Your Rankings.

With Rank Tracker and Spy feature you can not only track your videos ranking and current positions but you can also spy on your competitors and see where they are ranking and what they are doing to keep ranking.


Premium Bonus #2: VidNeos


VidNeos takes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of real life, real business insights from real videos and real sales…and packs it all into a one-stop-shop software… Research, Create, Analyse, Optimise & Backlink (video and website) – Do EVERYTHING from one place.


Premium Bonus #3: SocialNeos Pro


SocialNeos rewards customers for sharing content, builds your list and creates a powerful Social Notification system just like Mobile Push Notifications – message your users any time, on any device!It’s The Only Viral Traffic Plugin You’ll Ever Need Turn Any Video or Content into a List Building Machine in 3 Easy Steps.


Premium Bonus #4: VidAgency WP Theme


VidAgency Theme is one of its kind WordPress theme that is plug-n-play video agency website setup theme. All you need to do is hit the install button and the theme will do the rest. In fact, you don’t even have to create or write content yourself!


Premium Bonus #5: VideoAppMonarchy Theme + Plugin


Video App Monarchy is a WP plugin that actually produces results for anyone who is struggling to generate traffic.


Premium Bonus #6: VidNeos AutoVideo Theme


VIDNEOS THEME takes all the guesswork out of Video Blogging and does all the heavy lifting for you, while making you tons of money from the massive video traffic that your blog will attract.. Create UNLIMITED Content Rich, Self-Updating & Auto-Traffic Video Blogs, In Minutes Without Ever Creating a Single Video!


Premium Bonus #7: Video Sales Authority


Premium training (exclusive to customers), designed from the ground up to take you by the hand, and teach you how to copy my entire business marketing strategy. It is a multi-step system that leverages psychological “progressive agreements”, to turn your business into a powerhouse.


Premium Bonus #8: VidRank Training


Become a YOUTUBE Expert! Generate MASS Traffic & Revenue from YOUTUBE!

A premium training designed from the ground up to take you by the hand and teach you how to copy an entire successful business marketing strategy to earn loads of profits.


And many other killer bonuses are waiting for you below…

Exclusive Bonus #1: CASE STUDY ($27 Value)

mosque 005a5b box mockup

In this case study, you’ll discover “How 1 Youtube Video Makes an Easy $150/day (Promoting a $50 Affiliate Offer) (Anyone can do it) (Newbie Friendly) (No Investment Required)”.

Exclusive Bonus #2: CASE STUDY ($27 Value)

grey 343434 box mockup

In this case study, you’ll discover “How to Make $1,521/month with Affiliate Marketing Simply By Giving Away Free Content (Newbie Friendly!)”.

Exclusive Bonus #3: CASE STUDY ($37 Value)

brown 49250b box mockup

In this case study, you’ll discover “How to Make $653/month with Affiliate Marketing Without a Website (using a secret Google tool)”.

Exclusive Bonus #4: COMPLETE METHOD ($37 Value)

green 107c3b box mockup

Inside this method, you’ll be discovered “How to Make $1100/month with Affiliate Marketing and Autoblogs (only 10 minutes to setup)”.

Exclusive Bonus #5: REPORT ($17 Value)

pink dc2070 box mockup

In this report, you’ll discover “How to Generate Your First 20,000 Followers on Instagram”.

Exclusive Bonus #6: COMPLETE METHOD ($37 Value)

red d93434 box mockup

Inside this method, you’ll discover How to Make your first $100, $200, $140 with Affiliate Marketing using Free Traffic (working just 10min/day)

Exclusive Bonus #7: REPORT ($17 Value)

blue 24499e box mockup

In this report, you’ll discover “How To Tap On 1,000’s of Digital Products To Make Commissions”.

Exclusive Bonus #8: Access To All Vendor Bonuses

all vendor bonuses

You will have access to ALL vendor bonuses in the members area. You can see these bonuses in the sales page by clicking on the green button below.

How To Access The Bonuses?

All you have to do is click on the green button below, pick up your copy and feel free to contact me or email your receipt to admin[at]amnewsfeed.com (replace [at] with @, this tactic is to avoid spam) to receive all my premium bonuses above for FREE.

The bonuses from vendor will be automatically delivered in the members area.


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