Secret: 5 Tips to Save Email Marketing Costs (2019 Update)

If you are doing email marketing.

I’m sure that at least once you’ve tried to find ways to save email marketing costs!

Of course… because most email marketing tools charge monthly.

And the problem of monthly maintenance costs is one thing that causes us headaches.

Wondering if every day, your account will automatically “leave” about $158 on a regular basis like below, it’s worth thinking about.


And remember that when doing email marketing, this cost will increase proportionally as your list increases.

Of course the effectiveness of email marketing is huge compared to the cost of investment (if you know how to do email marketing effectively)

But… anyway, the more you save, the better?

Therefore, in this post I will help you save email marketing costs with the following tips.

5 Tips To Save Email Marketing Costs

Note that compared to other marketing methods such as advertising, PR, banner placement, email marketing is always classified as the most economical marketing method but brings the highest efficiency.

So anyway, I still recommend that you focus on email marketing and treat it as a primary method.

This is especially true of a marketer or a blogger!

Okay, if you already understand the importance of doing email marketing, now is the time to learn how to save money when implementing an email marketing system!

Tip #1: Choose The Right Email Marketing Tool

Usually most people when building a blog/website, in the first time you will not have enough funding to implement the paid email marketing system.

So you will need a free email marketing tool.

Personally, when I first stepped into the “blogosphere”, it was impossible to earn $15 a month to pay for email marketing.

Fortunately, we have a way to use it for free.

That’s MailChimp!


With MailChimp you can start using it for free to build an email list of up to 2000 email addresses and send up to 12,000 emails per month.

So why don’t you take advantage?

When your email list exceeds the free threshold, you can upgrade to a paid plan or you can move that email list to another tool!

There is also another tool called Elastic Email. But the email sent from this tool has a high rate of being dropped into the SPAM folder, so I won’t talk much about it.

elastic email

Okay, so you have a way to save costs up to… ZERO!

Of course 100% free, it always has its price because according to my experience, when using MailChimp, the email sent from this tool is likely to drop into the Promotion tab is very high. As for Elastic Email, configuring and verifying an account is quite complicated and the rate of dropping into the SPAM tab is also quite high.

So if you want to be more efficient, see the next way below!

Tip #2: Take Advantage of A Lifetime Discount Program

This tip is very good and helps you save a lot of money because it is a lifetime (ie a discount for later renewals).

However, there is not always such a discount program, so the best way is to “keep watch” at the right time.

I personally find that most email marketing tools are very rare when launching discount programs. (not even available)

Except GetResponse!


GetResponse is the most popular and most widely used email marketing tool.

I personally remain loyal to GetResponse’s service for the past 2 years. Simply because it’s so effective.

However GetResponse does not have a free package like MailChimp or Elastic Email, but the special point is that GetResponse allows us to try it for free for 30 days before deciding to upgrade.

What’s even more interesting is that GetResponse regularly offers a 40% discount program (usually 3 to 4 such discounts each year).

So you can fully utilize these occasions to register an account to save email marketing costs!

Tip #3: Choose The Plan That’s Right for Your Business

This is when you decide to pay for email marketing!

And this is also the time to calm down to keep… your soul sober because you need to choose the right plan!

In fact, I have received many emails from you guys many times to help cancel the service package just because… wrong registration!

Okay, look at GetResponse’s price list below.


Often email marketing services will have more than one plan and if not careful we will be… tricked.

Service packages often cost from low to high, along with providing additional utilities and functions for each package.

For example, you will see that for the GetResponse service, from the PLUS package will have additional extensions such as: webinar workshop, shopping cart integration (for e-commerce site)…

Basically most of us do not use these functions, but when the email list reaches 1000 email addresses (basic plan) we are afraid so we will upgrade to the PLUS plan.

You don’t need to do that!

If you simply do email marketing and have less than 1000 email addresses, then I recommend you sign up for the lowest package and even if your email list comes at a time that exceeds 1000 email addresses, you also DO NOT need to upgrade.


Simply because email marketing tools will not automatically cancel your service for reasons you do not upgrade to the new package. They will have a way to charge extra when your email list increases excessively in the current service pack. (List Extension Fee)


In short: If you don’t need to use extended services in high-end packages, but simply do email marketing, you should only subscribe to the basic package. No upgrade required (unless service is required)

Tip #4: Calling Customers to Unsubscribe

Sounds a bit absurd, right?

Often we find ways to encourage readers, customers subscribe to email lists.

So why should you call them to unsubscribe? Simply to reduce the number of email lists down to save costs.

But how to call for reasonable?

There are two ways, first when you run an autoresponder, don’t forget to write the script for an email at the end of the stage, to call to unsubscribe if they feel bothered or no longer interested in your field or your product.

With this “unsubscribe” method, surely some people will actively unsubscribe, you will automatically reduce the number of emails >> save costs. And the people they continue to agree to receive mail, then your email marketing activities are very effective.

The second way, in the process of sending daily emails to customers, readers on the blog, do not forget to occasionally insert the last line of something like “If you no longer care about affiliate marketing, make money online then cancel the email by…


What if they are still lazy to unsubscribe? Don’t worry I’ll show you in tip #5 below.

Tip #5: Delete “Junk” & Non-Interactive Email Addresses

Most email marketing tools now have a list cleaning function, so you should take the time to do this regularly.

Because so many people subscribe to your list just for the purpose of receiving gifts and often they will use a sub-email. After downloading the gift, they will never open the email again.

So these emails are in your list of no value, whereas the amount you pay monthly still includes these emails.

Use GetResponse’s “list hygiene” tool to check the “junk” emails as below.

list hygiene getresponse

Then don’t be hesitant, delete them!

Next, you should also see if the email marketing tool in use has advanced filter functionality, with GetResponse it is full.

You just need to apply the filter and delete all “non-interactive” emails, i.e. don’t open your email for a fixed period of time (for example, the last 2 months). These emails are sure they are no longer active or they are not interested in your field, so remove them from the list.



So with 5 tips on this post I hope to help you save significant costs when doing email marketing.

In short, if you are:

  • not ready to pay for email marketing, choose a trial or free tool (tip #1).
  • planning to pay a fee to use an email marketing tool, you should look for opportunities to reduce your lifetime & choose the right package for your needs (tips #2 & #3).
  • paying a monthly fee and feel the need to save money, then apply tips #4 & #5 (that is, take care of your email list and clean up your list regularly).

What email marketing tool are you using? How much do you pay each month and how do you save money on email marketing? I would love to receive your share from the comment section below.

Don’t forget to share this post to people who are doing email marketing that you know to help them save money!

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