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#1 Synthetic Voice & Music Creation App!

Auto-Create HUMAN-SOUNDING voice-overs, background-music and complete audio tracks for your videos, ads, VSLs, podcasts, courses and more!

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included

Welcome to my Sonority review!

It’s a brand new app that was launched by a professional online marketer and software creator – Abhi Dwivedi on June 24th, 2021 at 11am EST.

If you don’t know, he has been an online marketer and software developer for over 15 years now, having done multiple six-figure product launches, webinar promos, and running multiple successful YouTube channels; on top of all the other cool things he and his team does.

In the past few years, he has had multiple Best-Seller software products with thousands of users actively using and benefiting from their products.

Okay basically, Sonority is a cloud-based voice-over and music-track synthesizer app that lets you create audio-tracks for your videos, ads, VSLs, podcasts, courses, and more on complete autopilot.

Sounds interesting, right?

Okay, let’s jump into my Sonority review to see exactly what it is and how it all works, or just watch my full review video above!

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– Product Name: Sonority

– Creators: Abhi Dwivedi

– Launch Date: Jun 24th, 2021

– Launch Time: 11 AM EST

– Bonus: Yes! See my custom-made bonuses below.

– Refund: 14 days money back guaranteed!

– Price: $37.00 for Commercial (One-Time Price)

– Coupon Code: None.

Sonority is a cloud-based voice-over and music-track synthesizer app that lets you create audio-tracks for your videos or podcasts.

Read my Sonority review for more details or click on any button to buy now!

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What is Sonority?

Sonority is a cloud-based voice-over and music-track synthesizer app that lets you create audio-tracks for your videos or podcast.

No other text-to-speech and music-track apps even come close to what Sonority does. The voice-overs created are far superior and human-sounding than what Amazon Polly or Wavenet can produce.

PLUS as a user, you do not need to add any API key or pay extra for credits.

Sonority let’s you pick from over 15 different voice-over articles, copy-paste your text and convert it into a human-like voice in just a click.

Sonority also lets you pick from 1000+ A.I. created music or gives you the ability to create unique music-tracks for your videos using A.I. on complete autopilot, without being a musician or artist. Simply pick the type of music you like from 15 different categories and the A.I. will automatically create it for you.

Finally, you can use Sonority to mix and merge multiple different audio files (voice-overs and music both) into an audio-track for your videos, podcast, courses, and more.

Below is the main dashboard of Sonority and I’m an ‘early access’ user.


Sonority review: Key Benefits

✅ Create Human-Sounding Voice-Overs using artificial intelligence. No more robotic-sounding Amazon Polly or WaveNet text-to-speech.

✅ Create AI-generated synthetic music for your videos’ background from 15 different genres, mood, style and time length.

✅ Mix-n-Merge multiple voice-overs and music tracks into one long audio track to use for your videos or your clients’ videos.

✅ Start your own Music-Agency or Audio-Agency.

✅ Use Sonority to create videos, courses, commercials, ads, presentations, training videos, webinars, video sales letters, social media videos, podcasts and more.

✅ Ordinary people like Elliot Middleton, who made $40,000 selling music-tracks online. Niki sold 3643 copies of his music online, earning over $36,000. Andy Grey sold 6,138 copies of his music-track online.

✅ Susan from America made over $8,560 selling voice-overs. Tim made over $9.360, Eric made over $100,000 and so did Greg Johnson. Proof on Sales Page

✅ How to profit from Sonority: Charge $10 for 60 seconds of voice-overs or $20 for 60 seconds of music-track and you could easily be making $4000 to $5000 a month, copy-pasting text and clicking a few buttons.

✅ How to profit from Sonority: Upload and sell your music-tracks on stock music websites like AudioJungle and Pond5, which are generating about 5 million visitors monthly. Even if they send you 0.5% of that traffic, that’s 250 sales. At $10 price per music-track, that’s $2,500 profit every month.

✅ No API key. No credit system. No complex SSML tag editing. Copy-paste your script and voice-over generated.

✅ Sonority has 15 different voices in 10 different languages. There is no other voice-over tool like this.

✅ With Sonority, you can start creating high-quality professional voice-overs and music-tracks without hiring expensive freelancers, or juggling sophisticated audio editing software.

✅ Sonority is the world’s most advanced cloud-based app for creating synthetic voice-overs and unique music-tracks for videos.

✅ Sonority lets you create synthetic voice-overs, AI generated music-tracks and mix-n-merge multiple voice-overs and/or music-tracks to create longer audio-tracks for your videos.

✅ The voice-over and music in the sales video you see on the Sales Page were created using Sonority.

Sonority Examples

Click play on the 4 examples below to listen to some of the audio tracks I created in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, I didn’t create the background music long enough so it ends before most of the talking.


Who is Sonority best for?

Sonority is perfect for anyone trying to create videos, podcasts, video courses, videos ads, YouTube videos, etc.

It makes it easier for non-English speakers or busy entrepreneurs who do not have time to record voice-overs to create human-sounding voice-overs easily.

And save $1,000s in royalty-free music track fees.


✅ For Video Marketers

create voice-overs and unique background music-tracks for your videos.

✅ For Affiliate Marketers

convert your email or text review into an audio-track to promote as a podcast, create audiobooks, to use inside a video or share on Clubhouse.

✅ For Local/Agency Marketers

start helping local businesses like restaurants or gyms promote themselves on social media using audio-marketing and getting paid big.

✅ For Newbie Marketers

quickly and easily create voice-overs and background music for your first video for YouTube, video course or to promote your services, your offers or your websites. No need for complex video recording and editing know-how.

✅ Bloggers & YouTubers

turn your blog post into a short educational podcast or turn it into a video without the need to audio-record. Repurpose your old content piece on social media and reach a new audience.

Sonority OTO’s and Upsells

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing, upsells, and OTO’s. These prices are subject to change at any time. Check here for the latest pricing.

FRONT END: Sonority App ($35-$37)

  • Sonority Personal: $35.00
  • Sonority Commercial: $37.00 *RECOMMENDED*

All the features you get with Sonority Commercial:

  • Create Human-Sounding Voice-Over
  • Pick from 15 different Voice-Over artists
  • Create Unique Music Tracks in 15 Categories
  • Mix/Merge Multiple Voice-Overs & Music-Tracks
  • Turn Audio-Tracks (voice-overs, music-tracks, or both) into VIDEOS
  • Add Sound Effects – 50+ Sound Effects
  • Create Unlimited Voice-Overs – 50/week
  • Create Unlimited Music-Tracks – 50/week
  • Create Unlimited Videos – 50/week
  • Create lengthy voice-overs – 1000 character per voice-over
  • Create lengthy Music-Tracks – Up to 3 Minutes long unique music
  • Store your voice-overs & music-tracks on cloud
  • Download your voice-overs & music-tracks
  • Compatible with all the videos software
  • No API keys needed
  • No Amazon Polly or Wavenet
  • No complex SNL voice code editing
  • Upload Your Voice-Overs or audio files for mixing
  • 15 voices. 10 languages:
    – American – 4 voice
    – Australian – 2 voice
    – British – 2 voice
    – French – 1 voice
    – Brazilian – 1 voice
    – Spanish – 1 voice
    – German – 1 voice
    – Hindi – 1 voice
    – Chinese – 1 voice
    – Vietnamese – 1 voice

Sonority OTO #1: Unlimited ($67-$97)

The Unlimited upgrade gives the ability to create:

  • unlimited voice-overs,
  • unlimited music-tracks,
  • unlimited waveform videos,
  • unlimited audio-track mix/merges,
  • no time-limit on music-tracks,
  • no character limits on voice-overs,
  • no weekly limits,
  • ability to create international voice-overs in multiple different languages,
  • unlimited script translation to 100s of different languages,
  • unlimited voice-overs in different languages,
  • unlimited audio file storage on the Sonority cloud and more.

Sonority OTO #2: Professional ($67)

Sonority Professional unlocks tons of new professional features including 15 new voice-over artists, voice styles, and accents.

It also unlocks voice-over script rewriting feature, upload-n-transcription feature to repurpose others content, commercial license to new voices, faster priority voice render, early access to new voices.

Sonority OTO #3: Agency ($59-$67)

With the Sonority Agency, users will get full business features including whitelabel branding for dashboard, a Custom done-for-you professional looking Voice-Over & Music Business Website with custom checkout.

They also get 6 Stunning & Compelling Video Commercials to promote their new agency, Team & Virtual Assistant Access, Clients Access, DFY Client Contract Templates, BusinessFinder feature and 100+ Facebook Ad Templates.

They also unlock the Sonority reseller panel to create and sell 50 accounts.

Sonority OTO #4: CourseReel Unlimited ($67)

CourseReel lets you turn your free time into professional video courses and lets you break into the $25 BILLION e-learning industry. Creating video courses has never been this easy.

All you have to do is upload your thoughts as an audio recording, text or even as an old video and the A.I. transcribes it and converts it into fully customizable video with slides, text, images, background and more added automatically.

Use our Camtasia-style timeline-based video editor to easily customize and add that WOW factor to your videos and instantly create and share your videos.

Sonority OTO #5: PlayerNeos Unlimited ($47)

PlayerNeos is a cloud-based interactive-video creator that helps turn any ordinary video into a sales machine.

Using this your customer can add buttons, menus, buy now buttons, opt-in forms, new custom thumbnails, logos, watermarks and even auto-play the video on any browser.

They can also find other high-traffic videos and piggyback on them with their optin/buttons added.

Sonority Bonuses

When you buy Sonority from any link on this page, you’ll get all the custom-made bonuses below instantly that you won’t see anywhere else.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Lifetime Access to Long Tail Pro (Pro Plan) (Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool)

Uncover Long Tail Keywords in Minutes To Rank Your Pages High in Google!

Long Tail Pro helps you easily find less competitive keywords that can get you tons of high-converting online traffic regardless of your niche.

You can find thousands of long tail keywords you can rank for in just a few minutes with this tool.

✅ BONUS #1: Creatofy Video Maker (Commercial License)

Use this unreleased powerful video app to create professional & creative animated videos for any business, events, eCommerce, live webinar invitations, video greeting cards, product promos, special limited-time deals, appointment booking, customer loyalty videos, and more!

Choose from a wide variety of video templates in various sizes and shapes so you can create a video for any social platform and attract more customers with ease!

With the included commercial license you can sell these videos for TOP Dollar and maximize revenues!

✅ BONUS #2: Mockup Video Maker (Commercial License)

Never been released before. Get first access to this amazing video mockup creator app before everyone else.

Create amazing device mockups, product mockups to add an extra pop to your videos. Drag and Drop your logos and product images inside laptops, desktops, bottles, t-shirts, and other elements with amazing animations and effects.

✅ BONUS #3: Video Rank Engine (Agency License)

Uncover the keywords of influencer videos that get millions of video views in minutes. You can use the same keywords in your videos and rank on page one of Google and YouTube!

You no longer have to waste time finding high-ranking keywords, simply copy what is already working and get thousands of views to your videos.

Use the “agency license” included to rank videos for your clients and charge them for your services!

✅ BONUS #4: Ecom Video Maker (Commercial License)

Use this powerful video maker app to create “conversion tested” eCommerce videos using ready-made video templates that are designed to get more traffic and sales to ANY eCommerce business.

Includes commercial license so you can create videos for your clients and run them as Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and any other social media platform!

10X your revenues by selling these videos to eCom site owners.

✅ BONUS #5: DFY Video Agency Website

Want to sell the videos you create with Sonority (or any other video app) for top dollar online?

Use this professionally designed “done-for-you” agency website to look like an authority to charge MORE for your services!

The site is ready with professional copywriting geared to convert your prospects into SALES!

✅ BONUS #6: 20 MILLION PLR Articles (Resell Rights)

Yes! That’s 20,000,000+ PLR articles with resell rights in all niches!

Use these to convert into audio-tracks for your Podcast, Videos, Courses, and more. Never run out of content to publish on your social media or blogs. With 20 MILLION Articles Add-on, you will get professionally written articles in pretty much all the known niches.

Simply download, rewrite using content rewriter app (Spin Rewriter) and use as you like.

✅ BONUS #7: HD Stock Video Bundle

HD stock videos cost $150 to $300 each. Craft studio-grade professional videos using this huge collection of HD stock videos and backgrounds.

✅ BONUS #8: DFY High-Converting Sales Scripts

You don’t need to pay a copywriter to write video scripts for you. Simply customize the scripts and create highly engaging sales scripts for your videos to skyrocket your conversions and sales!

How To access the bonuses

All you have to do is click on ANY button in this Sonority review, pick up your copy to receive all my custom-made bonuses above for FREE.

Bonuses are instantly delivered to your Warriorplus or JVZoo account.

If you have bought through Clickbank, or in case you have any problems, forward your receipt to admin@amnewsfeed(dot)com


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