Speedlir Review (Andrew Darius): Speed & Secure WP Sites in Mins!

Welcome to my Speedlir review!

Speedlir is the first-to-market revolutionary SPR “static” conversion technology which dramatically speeds up and secures both the existing wordpress sites and the cloud affiliate pages with just a few clicks of your mouse.

I’m about to show you how you can effortlessly boost your leads generation, sales, affiliate commissions, and google rankings.

And because of the way the SPR “static” conversion tech works, it is mathematically almost impossible for you to not get any speed boost, while at the same time you are protecting your site from hackers exploiting wordpress security holes.

Plus, you will get built-in lightning fast web hosting for converted clones of your sites and affiliate pages, with content delivered directly from 200 locations in 90 countries around the world to make it ever faster.

And don’t worry, it does not include you doing anything taxing, tiresome, or boring.

It works even if you hate doing anything technical with wordpress.

Okay, now let’s dive into my Speedlir review!

Speedlir Rating $27
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  • Product Name: Speedlir
  • Creators: Andrew Darius (Marketro LLC)
  • Launch Date: Aug 4th, 2020
  • Launch Time: 10am EST
  • Bonus: Yes! See my custom-made bonuses at the bottom.
  • Refund: 30 days money back guaranteed!
  • Price: $24 to $27 (One-Time Payment)
    – After launch, the price will be increased.
  • Coupon Code: None.

Speedlir is the first-to-market revolutionary SPR “static” conversion technology which dramatically speeds up and secures both the existing wordpress sites and the cloud affiliate pages with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Read my Speedlir review for more details or click below to buy it now!

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#1. What is Speedlir?

Speedlir’s new SPR “static” conversion technology is all about getting you more leads, sales, affiliate commissions, and higher google rankings with all the heavy lifting done by the Speedlir app.

Speelir is NOT a web or funnel builder. It is NOT a wordpress plugin either.

Instead, it is a cloud tool which can dramatically speed up & secure both your existing wordpress sites and cloud affiliate pages.

While wordpress is great for creating blog posts and web pages, it can get pretty slow on typical shared web hosting. It can also be full of security holes, especially with plugins installed.

This is why hackers can sneak in to wreak havoc on your website.

What if you could keep using your wordpress website exactly like you do it right now for creating pages or blog posts, but have lightning fast and secure hosted clones of your pages to show to people?

Wouldn’t it be awesome? All the benefits of the wordpress without its flaws.

#2. Who’s the creator of Speedlir?


Andrew Darius (Marketro LLC) is the product creator of Speedlir.

Andrew is an online marketing expert, author, speaker and CEO at Marketro LLC, with a lot of successful product launches have resonated in the market, such as: 1 Page Commissions App, TikVideoCyborg, Review Trust, WaveNetVocalizer, etc., and especially Explaindio (it has sold 25,000+ sales on JVZoo platform alone).

Okay, I only have his stats on JVZoo platform so you can see the image below.. it shows that he has made 169,000+ sales as a seller and 42,500+ sales as an affiliate on JVZoo alone. That’s so awesome!


So it means that his products are very high-quality, so there’s no reason that Speedlir won’t be a HUGE launch this year!

#3. How does Speedlir work?

In just two “very very” easy steps, Speedlir allows you speed up & protect your existing wordpress sites and cloud affiliate pages in minutes.

  • Step #1: Paste link to your webpage
  • Step #2: Click a button

That’s it, those two steps will command Speedir to fire up SPR “static” conversion tech, and in no time you will have lightning fast Speelir hosted clones of your webpage.

If you’re still confused, you can watch the quick demo video below for more details…

So, in case if you want to see more features of Speedlir, just click the button below!


#4. Speedlir review: Features & benefits

Here are just some of the powerful features you get with Speedlir:

Speedlir fixes wordpress speed problem once & for all with SPR “static” conversion technology.

– While ultra fast speed helping you to boost your profit is awesome, Speedlir also gets rid of all wordpress security problems.

Avoid becoming a hacking victim in the news. Those plugins can add gaping security holes, which hackers can easily exploit to break in, and it gets worse with every plugin added.

– You pages delivered directly from 200 locations in 90 countries around the world.

Speedlir automatically makes those separate mobile pages with smaller size without you doing anything extra.

– It also speeds up cloud affiliate pages as well.

Keeps your webpages perform even under traffic spikes.

– When your affiliate or bonus pages are slow or down, you are losing affiliate commissions you could be getting. With Speedlir, it helps you get more affiliate commissions in your bank account with a lightning fast clone of your affiliate page for people to view.

Speedlir prevents your losses related to DDoS attacks.

Speedlir commercial can help you cash in on the fact that most businesses do not have in-house professionals who can convert dynamic websites to static, and instead they hire freelancers, and pay for their services.

It is cool to charge $100 to $400 for static conversion on fiverr with all the heavy lifting done by Speedlir, there is an even bigger opportunity to do that for both online and local businesses.

And a whole lot more so you can check them out yourself on the sales page or watch the quick demo video above!

In the next section of this Speedlir review, I will show you some reasons why you should get Speedlir right now!

#5. Why should you buy Speedlir?


Google says that 53% of people on mobile devices leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Cloudflare study shows the conversion increase by about 250% by a page speed boost from 5.7 seconds to 3.3 Seconds.

It means that just speeding a page by 2.4 seconds with all other factors being the same makes 2.5 more money for the seller.

Three of the top four SEO UX signals are page-speed-dependent and google dramatically lowers ranking of slow pages.

Problem #1: Slow Speed

Because wordpress pages are dynamic, there are numerous database calls for the web page to be rendered for the viewer.

It means that it takes a lot of time to get information from the database, organize and then render the page so it can be properly displayed.

The similar problem exists with most cloud hosted affiliate pages.

To render customized cloud based affiliate pages, the app must first read the page customization info, including the affiliate link, from the database and only then it can render the page for display.

Problem #2: Security

There are a number of WordPress vulnerabilities such as cross-script and SQL injection even without any plugins at all.

Practically every wordpress website uses multiple plugins.

Those plugins add security holes, which hackers can use to break in.

It gets worse with every plugin added, because the entire wordpress website security depends on the weakest plugins.

It means that it takes just one plugin with single security for hackers to destroy the wordpress based website.

The Internet is full of horror wordpress hacking stories.

We tell people – Do not become one of those horror stories.

Problem #3: Performance under traffic spikes

Because wordpress sites and cloud affiliate page apps get the info to render pages from the database, there is a severe limitation to the amount of traffic, which regular wordpress sites can take.

This is the reason why wordpress websites go down under moderate traffic spikes on typical share web hosting.

Similar traffic spike performance problems exist with cloud affiliates page apps, where often thousands of people share the same app to render affiliate pages.

It means that traffic spikes from just one of numerous users of a specific affiliate page app, can slow this page to crawl or even take it down completely.

Solution: Why do people need Speedlir?

– SPEED: SPR “Static” conversion tech pre-renders any page so there is no need for databases or any app for the page to display.

Plus with content delivered from 194 locations in 90 countries around the world it makes the page loading speed lightning fast.

– SECURITY: After SPR “Static” page conversion there is no database or code, so there is nothing to hack or exploit.

– PERFORMANCE UNDER TRAFFIC SPIKE: Since web pages are pre-rendered and cached at 194 locations in 90 countries, they can handle massive traffic and DDOS attacks.

So, I really highly recommend picking this first-to-market revolutionary app ‘Speedlir’ as soon as possible… before it’s gone!


#6. Speedlir review: Pros & Cons

Speedlir Pros:

  • SPR “static” conversion technology.
  • Dramatic Speed Increase.
  • Protection Against WordPress Security Holes.
  • Advanced DDoS attack protection.
  • Speeds Up Cloud Affiliate Pages as well.
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee.
  • A lot of custom-made bonuses you can see right below.

Speedlir Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on Aug 9th, the price will be increased.
  • The funnel is pretty deep; 6 whole upgrade options. But the Speedlir frontend offer is complete without ANY upgrade & they all offer a unique and useful upgrade opportunity.

#7. How much does Speedlir cost?

Front End: Speedlir App – $24 or $27

SPR “static” conversion tech.

Upsell 1: Speedlir PRO – $47

10X number of websites & pages + more features.

Upsell 2: Speedlir Agency – $67

Unlimited Websites & Pages, 4X Bandwidth, 5-sub users.

Upsell 3: Speedlir Global – $27

Automatically Translate Page To Viewer Browser Language.

Upsell 4: Traffic App – $27

Upsell 5: Traffic App PRO – $47

Upsell 6: Traffic App Agency – $47

Tons of templates plus more monthly.

#8. Who is Speedlir best for?

Speedlir is going to be a good fit for anyone in any niche, because both online and offline businesses are using wordpress to run their websites now. And of course, if you’re using wordpress, you need to speed up & secure your websites right now to rank higher on Search Engines and protect “your property” from hackers. So, this is why Speedlir is suitable for anyone!

#9. FAQs about Speedlir

Is web hosting included?

Yes, web hosting is included so you do not have to pay a lot of money separately to a 3rd party web hosting company.

What are the limits?

Speedlir pages are fully cacheable which means that most of the content (almost all in many cases) is delivered to viewers chiefly by CloudFlare cache instead of Speedlir directly. The listed view limits are used only to deliver pages to CloudFlare and they are applicable only in cases when the content is not cached entirely. Views and transfer limits reset monthly. Speedlir Ten allows you to create up to 10 Funnels with up to 100 pages with following hosting limits: 100,000 views, 1,000 MB transfer, 100MB internal storage (you can also use images stored outside).

Can I sell the converted websites and/or pages to clients?

Commercial license option allows you to sell created websites and create websites for clients.

Do I have to install Speedlir on my computer?

No, Speedlir is cloud software so you do not need to install anything on your computer.

Does Speedlir work on a Mac?

Yes it does. Speedlir is cloud based software so it works not just on Mac but also on Windows, Linux, and Chromebook.

Is there a monthly fee to use Speedlir?

Currently, Speedlir is being offered with a one off payment for full three years of service. We plan to switch to a recurring membership at possibly $27/month for personal and $37/month for commercial licence in future, when new customers will pay those monthly fees for the software use.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, we do have a 30-day money back guarantee. Just raise a ticket on our support desk support.marketro.com and we will refund your purchase in full.

#10. Speedlir review: Final verdict

Okay, what I can say now is this is a very great piece of software “magnificento” this one piece of software alone will save me hours and days of work (and money) which I can now spend with my family. Really love it!

So, I highly to recommend Speedlir to anyone wants to speed up & secure your wordpress sites and cloud affiliate pages in minutes, even if you are just starting out or have no experience like me.

If you have any other questions, please drop your messages in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my Speedlir review!

Why should you buy Speedlir from me?

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