Stormerce Review (Ifiok Nkem): Is This An Alternative To Shopify?

Welcome to my Stormerce review!

In this review, I’m going to be taking a very close look at Stormerce – an all in one e-commerce store and business builder that allows anyone to set up a profitable e-commerce business in minutes and sell anything they want.

We’ll cover how it works, who it’s for, how much it costs, the incredible bonuses, what the upsells are, and the pros and cons of this new tool, so you can make a more informed purchase decision… and of course, if it’s right for you.

Okay, let’s dive in my Stormerce review to learn more about this new tool!

Stormerce Rating $47
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  • Product Name: Stormerce
  • Creators: Ifiok Nkem (SnapiLabs) & Steve Tari
  • Launch Date: July 25th, 2020
  • Launch Time: 11am EST
  • Bonus: Yes! See my custom-made bonuses at the bottom.
  • Refund: 14 days money back guaranteed!
  • Price: $47.00 One-Time Payment
    – After launch, the price will be increased.
  • Coupon Code: None.

Stormerce is an all in one e-commerce store and business builder that allows anyone to set up a profitable e-commerce business in minutes and sell anything they want.

Read my Stormerce review for more details or click below to buy it now!

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#1. What is Stormerce?

Stormerce is an all in one e-commerce store and business builder that allows anyone to set up a profitable e-commerce business in minutes and sell anything they want.

Stormerce comes with EVERYTHING you need to set up your eCom business and everything you need to drive TRAFFIC and convert those traffic into SALES & Profits.

Unlike a lot of other software solutions, Stormerce immediately caught my attention because it not only creates a very powerful opportunity for ANYONE to start up their own profitable eCom business from the ground-up.

But also, it’s coming at a very timely period where commerce online is on its all-time high due to the worldwide lockdown.

And more than that, it has some really useful features that make it a complete solution in a box.

So you are NEVER left hanging like a lot of software solutions out there that are Useful But Incomplete – No wonder their users are NEVER able to see any meaningful results but trust me, Stormerce is different!

#2. Who’s the creator of Stormerce?


Ifiok Nkem (SnapiLabs) & Steve Tari are the product creator of Stormerce.

He is a 7-figure online marketer and before that he has had many HUGE product launches in the market, such as: ADAComply ($548,000 in revenue), ContentBurger ($160,000 in revenue), SociCake ($509,000 in revenue), Mobimatic ($750,000 in revenue), DesignBundle ($330,000 in revenue) & many more.

So, there’s no reason Stormerce won’t be a huge launch!

#3. How does Stormerce work?

Stormerce allows you builds your own profitable store in just 3 simple steps:

  • Step #1: Fill out the form in Storemerce and let the software set up your store for you in minutes.
  • Step #2: Add or import your products (1,000s of products to choose from).
  • Step #3: Start selling and banking commissions.

It really is that simple. Truly Stormerce has been designed to help you get set up and making profits as quickly as possible without all the normal hurdles you’d experience online.


Okay, I’m going to show you more details about Stormerce. And I’m a beta tester so I can give you an honest review about it. Let’s go!

Here’s the Stormerce’s dashboard as you can see the image below…


So like I mentioned, with Stormerce you can sell anything you want (physical products, digital products or even affiliate products then earn commissions like Amazon or eBay, etc,.) with unlimited number of stores, categories, products and many more.


Alright, now for the products you can create literally any type of product.

As the image below, just go to Catalog -> Product -> click on Add Product, so you can create the following product types: Simple, Configurable, Virtual, Grouped, Downloadable, Bundle, Booking.

And you can also assign various Attributes, Categories and Attribute Families as well.


Right now when creating your product, you can add your meta description and your keywords as many as you want, so your products are optimized for tons and tons of viral traffic as well.


Stormerce also gives you the ability to take your buyers through a sales funnel by using upsells ourselves related products to increase sales as well.



Okay on Stormerce, it has the ‘Promotions’ tab.. yeah you can create a unique promotion based on custom variables, you can also set up promote rules for products and cuts using different conditions.



With this feature, you can segment your customers into unique customer groups where you can offer them special prices for a particular product or from a special or maybe a wholesale discount.



Stormerce also offers you a multi inventory so you can connect your store with multiple ‘Inventory Sources’ and easily track your products stock as well.


You can also enable multiple ‘Currencies’ and assist your customers by showing the price in the currency or for the location.


More than that, you can even add multiple ‘Locales’ to your store to generate a personalized experience for your customers.


And also set up multiple access levels and permissions for admins or agents or virtual assistants as well.



Now there are multiple ways to get paid through Stormerce. It also has Stripe, Paypal, Payment by Bank, Deposit by Check or even Cash on Delivery as an option as well.

So as a beta tester, I only have Stripe here as a payment option.



Stormerce offers you a multivendor marketplace as well. So as I said earlier that means you can convert your store into a marketplace with multiple vendors and you can charge the sellers the monthly subscription or percent of affiliate commissions for each sale on Amazon, eBay or so on.

And now your store can be a 3rd party platform like Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus or even a Food & Restaurant marketplace. It’s so crazy!

stormerce marketplace

Also, you can bulk upload your products using csv from any stores like Shopify, so you can stop paying all these huge monthly fees. You have two options here: .XLS or .CSV as well.


Progressive Web App

Okay now, I’m gonna go to ‘Progressive Web App’ tab.

This is the place that from there you can send push notifications to your customers offering them special discounts and special sales and promos without a dime.


Dropship Manager

Okay, finally you also have access to a world-class dropshipping model that allows you instantly import products directly from Aliexpress into your store.

It’s very easy to use, just one click and you’re good to go!


I’ve created a demo store using Stormerce with just one click, so you can click the button below to see how powerful it is.


#4. Stormerce review: Features & benefits

Well… Here are a few features that really blew me away:

The Unique Storemece Store Builder App

This is where all the magic happens… It’s super great for beginners and advanced marketers alike.

It allows you to create your digital store in minutes with the ability to sell anything you want online. And while eCom is the star of the show with Stormerce, there are still options to sell digital products too.

You can configure these options to sell downloadable items, grouped, bundled, virtual, and more.

Here’s just an example of what you can sell with Storemerce:

  • Physical products – shoes, hand bags, trendy items, watches, supplements, health and beauty, make up, etc.
  • Digital Products – information downloads, software, membership, plugins, themes, etc.
    e-Services – coaching, consultancy, freelancing, etc.
  • Bookings and Reservations – restaurants, gym memberships, yoga classes, martial arts classes, ect.
  • Subscriptions – create recurring income from groups, products, etc.

Import Your Products Easily Without The Heavy Lifting

If you have a lot of products, trying to upload them all manually can be a serious pain. That’s why you’ll love that Storemerce allows you to bulk import your products via a .csv or .xls file.

Works Great For Dropshipping

One of the greatest business models for making a serious income is dropshipping hands down. And that’s where Storemerce shines. By combining the power of dropshipping with Storemerce, you can add multiple inventory items as well as multiple suppliers to your store and never run out of stock.

Plus, it helps save a ton of fees as well!

Product SEO Configuration Options

While you might use paid ads or even your email list to make sales, it’s always helpful when your products can be found in the search engines too. Stormerce helps you do that by giving you the ability to add meta descriptions, titles, and keywords for each and every product.

This way your products show up and rank in the search engines exactly the way you want them to.

Is that all there is to Stormerce?

Trust me, Stormerce is a very versatile tool, with tons and tons of features that are needed to run a profitable eCommerce business all from one dashboard. See a few of them below;

  • Unlimited products, categories, orders & customers
  • Source products from eBay & Amazon and make a good profit
  • Increase your sales with eCom funnels (upsell and cross-sell products)
  • Free lightning Fast Cloud Hosting For Your Store on Amazon cloud servers
  • Customer and Group Segmentation
  • Pull Inventory To Your Store From Multiple Sources
  • Multi-Currency Support For Your Customers
  • Geo-Location Customization
  • Multi-User Collaboration Access Levels
  • Detailed Insight Report
  • Accept Payments In Multiple Options
  • Create Coupons To Boost Sales
  • No monthly fee (a TINY one-time fee)
  • No expensive apps to buy – Stormerce is an all-in-one solution
  • No tech skills required – No code or hiring an expensive developer
  • Just a few clicks of the button and your shop is ready

The list is almost endless…

In the next section of this Stormerce review, I will show you the reasons why you should get Stormerce right now!

#5. Why should you buy Stormerce?

Okay, let’s see some facts here…

eCommerce market is set to hit $4.1 trillion by 2021 . Recently Amazon recently hired extra 100,000 workers to be able to meet up with the orders they are getting as many people prefer to order online due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Amazon CEO – Jeff Bezos also added an extra $24 billion to his net worth in the last few weeks.

Not just Amazon, other eCom businesses are seeing a major boost in online orders.

So that, Stormerce allows anyone to slice their share of this pie.

With Stormerce, you can sell any type of product!

Sell your own products (sell anything), Affiliate products and make a commission (Amazon, ebay, etc), Drop shipped products,.. WITH:

  • Unlimited Products,
  • Unlimited Categories,
  • Unlimited Orders,
  • Unlimited Customers…

For a low ONE-TIME fee!

I really highly recommend picking this incredible eCom store & business builder tool ‘Stormerce’ as soon as possible.


#6. Stormerce review: Pros & Cons

Stormerce Pros:

  • The frontend offer gives you access to unlimited everything.
  • The launch special bonuses are gangbusters and very very useful (I LOVE THIS!)
  • The low one-time investment is simply incredible!
  • The app is an all-in-one solution, no need to spend any more money on other expensive apps and membership.
  • The trainings and case studies it’s coming with make it totally impossible to get results with this. The list is actually endless!
  • 14 day 100% money back guarantee.
  • A lot of custom-made bonuses you can see right below.

Stormerce Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on Aug 1st, the price will be increased.
  • The funnel is pretty deep; 6 whole upgrade options. But the Stormerce frontend offer is complete without ANY upgrade & they all offer a unique and useful upgrade opportunity.

#7. How much does Stormerce cost?

Incredibly, and this is one of the things that amazes me with this offer.

Stormerce all-in-one eCom and business builder plus all the awesome bonuses are going for a very TINY one-time fee of $47… Can you beat that?

That’s is a very tiny bitty fraction of its true value, market cost, not to mention the income potential!

Plus this little investment is backed by a solid ZERO RISK 14 days money-back guarantee, so you can test run the software with all the risk on the product creator.

Fair warning though, this low one-time fee is valid only during the launch special period, DON’T MISS IT!

Also, there are currently 6 upsells.

Don’t fret (lol), you really don’t need all of them to use Stormerce and to get results, and like I mentioned, Stormerce frontend offer is totally complete package.

But the upsells might come in useful depending on your situation, how much you want to go into this business, and the level of profit and automation you envisage.

Here’s the funnel breakdown:

  • Upsell #1 ($67 One Time): Dropshipping Automation (USA suppliers only) + Hands-free Dropshipping training (All in one suite) – BONUS: DFY Mobile App for your new store.
  • Upsell #2 ($67 One Time): 97+ DFY eCom campaigns (Winning Products, Ads, Video, Suppliers) + Adspy Guide.
  • Upsell #3 ($67 One Time): 100+ DFY eCom Email Swipes + eCom calendar.
  • Upsell #4 ($67 One Time): eCom Video Creator (Powerpoints – 20 high converting PPT templates).
  • Upsell #5 ($497 One Time): DFY eCom Store Setup (Entire system done for you and handed over to you without you lifting a finger).
  • Upsell #6 ($297 One Time): Reseller License – 100% commissions + DFY marketing materials.

#8. Who is Stormerce best for?

Stormerce is for ANYONE who is looking to make some good income online without a mountainous learning curve or months and years of struggling.

Whether as a side hustle or as a full-fledged business, whether as a newbie or as an eCom expert.

The Stormerce technology alongside the AWESOME bonuses offers an irresistible and awesome opportunity for ANYONE (because it’s so simple) to profit from the current trend and worldwide dependence on online commerce for survival.

#9. FAQs about Stormerce

Is Stormerce beginner friendly?

YES! There is no previous knowledge required. After the setup, you will be also given a simple step by step training tutorials. If you do get stuck, they also have a support desk to help out.

What are the limits?

There are no limits during this founder’s special offer. You can sell unlimited products, have unlimited customers, and process unlimited orders.

How about hosting?

They have got you covered too. They host your store for you on their super-fast Amazon cloud hosting for free. You can use their free subdomain or you can connect your custom domain for free too.

I already have a store, is Stormerce still for me?

Yes, you can import your products from your current store and avoid paying monthly fees.

How long before I start making money?

Some of their users made sales from Day 1, some after a few weeks, BUT I cannot guarantee any sales as results differ. They will continue to support you until you succeed.

I have no tech skills and experience whatsoever. I am just starting out. Should I get this or wait?

Lucky you. Most people getting access today would have dumped a lot of money on useless tools and wasted countless hours experimenting. You, on the other hand, are getting access right away to a complete Solution made as easy as it can get.

#10. Stormerce review: Final verdict

I guess I could see how I could get this mixed up since this brand new app Storemerce creates any store you want in only minutes with a click of a button. Yep. It’s true. No hype. No fake stuff.

But it’s not only eCom that Storemerce can deliver on. You can even use it to help you sell digital products too. Kind of like one guy did to help him sell over $40,000 worth of WordPress themes, PLR products, plugins and more in only some months.

And when you add all the features that Storemerece includes along with some amazing bonus training, you’ll put yourself in position to make 2020 your best year ever.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the Storemerce’s product creator also did over $100k in 12 days using eCom and his special tactics that you can learn to use with Storemerce? Let’s dive in!

So, I fully recommend Stormerce to anybody that is serious about making money online with eCommerce, even if you are just starting out or have experience like me.

If you have any other questions, please drop your messages in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my Stormerce review!

Why should you buy Stormerce from me?

If you buy through my Stormerce review, you’ll get all the custom-made bonuses below that you won’t see anywhere else. My custom bonuses will help you succeed faster with Stormerce.

Now have a look at my bonuses below…











You’ll Also Get These Bonuses Below…


How To Access The Bonuses?

All you have to do is click on ANY button in this Stormerce review, pick up your copy to receive all my custom-made bonuses above for FREE.

Bonuses are instantly delivered to your Warriorplus or JVZoo account.

If you have bought through Clickbank, or in case you have any problems, forward your receipt to admin@amnewsfeed(dot)com

bonuses instant delivered warriorplus jvzoo

The bonuses from vendor will be automatically delivered in the members area.


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