Traxion Review: New Affiliate Marketing Method (Tested)

Welcome to my Traxion review!

Basically, it’s a training course that shows you how Mark Barrett & Bill Hugall make up to $254.40 per day with their secret traffic methods, and how to set up a complete affiliate promotion campaign to start earning commissions in as little as 12 minutes.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read this Traxion review below!

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  • Product Name: Traxion
  • Creators: Mark Barrett & Bill Hugall
  • Launch Date: November 10th, 2019
  • Launch Time: 9am EST
  • Bonus: Yes! See my premium bonuses at the end of this review.
  • Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Price: $12.95
    – After launch, the price will be increased to $27!

Traxion is a brand new affiliate marketing method that is literally exploding results for everyday people. It’s a great way to build some traction and momentum in your business by building your recurring affiliate income. A must see for anyone struggling, or wanting to increase their income.


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#1. What is Traxion?

traxionTraxion is taught by Mark Barrett & Bill Hugall, it’s a brand new method of affiliate marketing that is helping everyday people just like you and me create their first successes online.

Traxion is a case study style product showing you exactly a particular website to use, that has everything included and DFY hence why so many people are seeing stellar results.

Mark & Bill also show you inside how to get set up, and the best way to make money consistently with this method.

This product is designed to help you get some traction and is perfect for anyone that has been struggling or wants more income.

I also have reviewed products with the same topic as Rapid Traffic Suite, Digi Funnel Lab, AutoTraffixPro and more. You can check them out too!

#2. What will you get inside?

‘Get Traxion’ Step-By-Step Video Training

This step-by-step video training is easy-to-follow and gives you everything you need to get results just like Mark & Bill are getting with this method.

Inside the step-by-step video training, you’ll discover:

  • How to get everything setup in 12 minutes or less, even if you’re a total newbie.
  • Why this method is so powerful and currently the best method on the marketing for getting unstuck, getting traction, and making money if you’re currently struggling.
  • How to use the ‘Fast Action’ traffic methods they personally use with Traxion to get traffic flowing and making you money as soon as today.
  • The big reason why you’re stuck right now and why this method is perfect for getting you on the path to making consistent money.
  • How to get your daily income to $254.40 per day and keep the money flowing in with just a few minutes needed per day.
  • The simple steps to scale things up as big as you want to go.

‘Fast Traxion’ Quick Start Guide

  • This simple guide makes it easy to get up and running quickly.
  • If you like to jump right into the action, this is for you.
  • Great for referring back to later on when you’re ready to scale things up.

‘Real Traxion’ Case Study

  • The best way to make money is to watch over the shoulder as someone makes money right before your eyes.
  • The entire Traxion course is done in a ‘Case Study Format’.
  • Simply follow along, do what Mark & Bill do, and you’ll get results.

More Proof That Traxion Works

traxion-prooftraxion-proofs traxion-testimonial


#3. How Traxion method works (Tested)

I bought Traxion as a beta tester to test it all, so I believe I can give you an honest review of this method. I hope it’s useful for you!

Traxion Members Area

Okay, so I’m inside the Traxion FE course now.


As you can see in the above image, there are 2 welcome videos, 8 training videos, a quick start PDF guide and a “suggested products to promote” section inside the members area of FE product.

What will they teach you?

As you know, Traxion is a training course based on case-study style. Therefore, this course will not only teach you how to do blah blah… Mark & Bill will also show you their results achieved with this method.

From there you can see the specific way to start making money with this method. Perhaps simply copy & paste.

Okay, so getting started in essence what Mark & Bill are doing here with Traxion is running seriously sweet converting traffic (including free & paid traffic) to a funnel that has been set up for you, to convert ClickBank, JVZoo or WarriorPlus products as an affiliate.

They do this using a completely DFY solution called 12 Minute Affiliate, so the first step is to join 12MA:

Step 1: Join 12 Minute Affiliate

If you’re still confused, you can click on the button below to see more details about 12 Minute Affiliate.


Step 2: Set up the system correctly, full information is covered inside of 12MA and their video series, but what you are aiming for is all of the checkmarks to be ticked off:


Once you have that sorted, you are set up and ready to drive traffic.

So to do that you simply head over to the “My Niche Funnels” sidetab and click your setup and then instant funnels tab.

The next page should look like this:


Step 3: Get Traffic

What you want to do now, is pick whichever funnel you like best, copy the OPTIN PAGE LINK and then send traffic to that page, it’s really simple.

So they have one recommended traffic source (including free & paid traffic) in the video series. These convert well on this type of offer.

Sorry I can’t reveal to you because this is the secret sauce of this course. You can see it yourself after joining Traxion.

Beside, they put together their guaranteed source of best converting traffic in the Upgrade 1 – Buyer Click Rolodex. You can grab it after buying Traxion FE product if you haven’t done so already. That is all there is to it!

Don’t let the simplicity trick you into thinking it doesn’t work, your job each day (or as often as you can) is to simply run traffic at that funnel and then count your commissions.

That funnel has been built by industry professionals to convert like hotcakes and it does for everyone that gives it a serious go.

So bring in traffic each day, and enjoy the fruits of a commission spitting machine.

My results from one Traxion campaign

I decided to give it a test to see if Traxion’s traffic methods are actually converting well. And here are my results after spending $80 for getting traffic from the paid traffic source is recommended by Traxion.

I got 48 ‘hungry’ email subscribers and one buyer with 1 FE and 2 upsells, so my profit is: $163 (Revenue) – $80 (Spent) = $83 (Profit)

Not a bad result! 🙂


I use 12 Minute Affiliate optin pages, Gesresponse (30 day free trial) & my own money-making email swipes (see my bonus #2 below) to automate everything. You will be learnt step-by-step how to do these things with Traxion’s video series.

So it’s just from one campaign. Imagine if I scale up to 30 campaigns, which means that you only need to make one campaign each day. How much profit will you get?

Try doing a simple math: $83 x 30 = $2490 profit and 48 x 30 = 1440 ‘hungry’ email subscribers in just a single month. After a year, when you have over 17k subs for your own list, you will no longer need any paid traffic methods out there. Just make money over & over again.

I will definitely use this sweet traffic source many more times!

With the free traffic source is recommended inside Traxion, I don’t get any results because I think it takes time. So I’ll update soon in this Traxion review if I get any positive results from this one.

#4. Should I buy Traxion?

The first reason is Traxion brings something fresh to the table and finally makes it easy for anyone to make money online. The Traxion method actually works and I’ve got proof to back it up.

Beside, Mark, Bill, I and many others are personally using this method now to make money ourselves.

The second reason is Mark & Bill don’t just tell you how it’s done, they actually show you how to make money with Traxion by including Real Life, Over-The-Shoulder Case Studies.

Because they want to ensure your success, you’ll also get access to ‘done for you’ tools and resources that make it easy to jump right into the action and start making money fast.

Unlike other methods that take advantage of some loophole that will eventually close-up, the method inside Traxion works right now, next week, and will continue to work for months and even years into the future.

Inside Traxion, you also get a complete business plan for making money online that includes setup, traffic, and a plan for scaling up your income to consistent daily profits.

And the third reason is that you will have no risk with their 30-day money back guarantee. If you change your mind, just let them know and they will refund the money to you. Or just leave a comment right below this Traxion review and I will help you.

#5. Traxion Pros & Cons

Traxion Pros:

  • Newbie-friendly & proven method that actually works.
  • This has nothing to do with Facebook ads, writing articles, creating videos, or anything else complicated.
  • Get setup in just 12 minutes or less using ‘done for you’ resources.
  • Real Life Case Study & Free traffic method included.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Want to get your refund? Just need to drop a message at Support.
  • When you buy Traxion, you’ll also immediately receive a lot of premium bonuses from the vendors and my exclusive bonuses right below.

Traxion Cons:

  • The recommended paid traffic source inside Traxion is quite expensive.
  • The price automatically rises everyday, so if you come back later you’ll have to pay more.

#6. How much does Traxion cost?

Front End: Traxion – $12.95 *RECOMMENDED*

Traxion is a brand new affiliate marketing method that is literally exploding results for everyday people. It’s a great way to build some traction and momentum in your business by building your recurring affiliate income. A must see for anyone struggling, or wanting to increase their income.

OTO1: Traxion – Buyer Click Rolodex – $17 to $27 *RECOMMENDED*

Upgrade 1 is Mark & Bill’s Buyer Click Rolodex of proven solo ad vendors that produce sales every time they use them. This is worth it’s wait in gold.

OTO2: Traxion – Live Masterclass Series – $37 to $47

Upgrade 2 is a live masterclass series. Sometimes all a customer needs is to see something live or to get answers immediately to their questions to see success. The Masterclass series will show you live some cool tips and tricks, and help you succeed faster.

OTO3: Traxion – License Rights – $67 to $97

You can sell Traxion as your own product for 100% profit.

#7. Who is Traxion best for?

I think Traxion is suitable for anyone who wants to make money online as an affiliate or increase their income.

Because Mark & Bill will teach and show you everything from scratch to start earning online commissions even if you’re a total newbie.

#8. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traxion?

Traxion is a brand new, newbie-friendly method that gives you everything you need to go from struggling to make money online to earning a consistent daily income in your spare time.

Is Traxion really different than other methods I’ve seen before?

Yes. Here’s what makes Traxion different than other methods you’ve seen in the past:

  • This is a BRAND NEW method for making money online.
  • The Traxion method works and we’ve got proof.
  • We personally use the Traxion method to make money online.
  • You get access to a Real Life Case Study that shows real results and ‘Done For You’ tools that gives you everything you need to make money.
  • Traxion is evergreen and works right now, next week, and will continue to work for months and even years into the future.

What’s included with Traxion?

  • ‘Get Traxion’ Step-By-Step Video Training – Real World Value = $917
  • ‘Fast Traxion’ Quick Start Guide – Real World Value = $97
  • ‘Real Traxion’ Case Study – Real World Value = $297
  • Bonus #1 – Free Web Traffic Made Simple = $97
  • Bonus #2 – 30 Ways To Get Free Website Traffic In 30 Minutes Or Less = $97

Do I have to pay for traffic to make money with Traxion?

Yes, if you want! We show you multiple methods for getting traffic and making money, including some FREE traffic methods that work great with Traxion.

What if I change my mind?

We’re confident you’ll love the simplicity of Traxion and all the money you’ll be able to make with it, but if you change your mind for ANY reason, just let us know and we’ll get you a refund.

How do I get the lowest price possible for Traxion?

Right now we’re offering a big discount and several money-making bonuses when you get Traxion today.

#10. Traxion review: Your turn

Thanks for reading my Traxion review! I hope it’s been helpful for you. If it has, please let me know in the comments. If it hasn’t, will you take a moment to tell me why not? Your feedback helps improve everything we post on our website.

Traxion is a great fit for anyone who wants to start making money online as an affiliate or earn more passive income.

It may cost you a few bucks. But the right system will help you make money faster, work less, and save time. Trying Traxion won’t cost you anything but will save you a lot of wasted time.

Try out Traxion risk-free for 30 days.

Why should you buy Traxion from me?

Do you have…

  • a perfect affiliate offer?
  • an awesome sales funnel?
  • a high-converting bonus page?

But you don’t have “buyer” traffic? Don’t worry!

If you buy through my Traxion review, you’ll get my exclusive bonuses below. My bonuses will help you generate tons of “buyer” traffic for your affiliate promotions and succeed faster when combined with Traxion.

“Optimizing your website for conversions is step two. Knowing how to get traffic to your website is step one.” – Neil Patel

Now have a look at my bonuses below…


Exclusive Bonus #1 – Invi$ible (POTD on W+)

Invi$ible is a brand new software and training that will show you how to quickly generate thousands of dollars per day online while remaining completely anonymous & also generate tons of ‘buyer’ traffic – without creating videos or even using your real name and you don’t even need to be able to speak English to use this method.


my lead gen secret bonus 6

Exclusive Bonus #2 – 50 Money Making Email Swipes

Just buy Traxion through me and I’ll give you 50 Money Making Email Swipes that helped me earn $83 profit with just one Traxion campaign.


Exclusive Bonus #3 – Breakout Buyer Traffic

You will learn how this guy got 1649 hot leads for FREE, stuffed his pocket with $872.09 in just 7 days, and makes an additional $1,850.30 per month while he sleeps. You can apply this free traffic method and combined with Traxion method to make more traffic & sales completely free.



Exclusive Bonus #4 – ViralTek

ViralTek helps you drive massive targeted traffic to your products and affiliate offers for FREE and it can also be used to rank your YouTube videos and blog posts.



Exclusive Bonus #5 – Traffic Victory

Traffic Victory is a training course includes case study that show you how Marc builds FREE traffic machines that bring him $100 – $200+ per day in passive affiliate commissions.


insta buyer traffic bonus

Exclusive Bonus #6 – Insta Buyer Traffic

In this never before released case study I will show you how to find red hot buyers on Instagram for FREE.

You can then get these Instagram buyers onto your bot list and email list and re-market to them over and over again.

Very newbie friendly simple step by step video training.

all vendor bonuses

Exclusive Bonus #7 – Access To All Vendor Bonuses

  • BONUS#1: Free Web Traffic Made Simple
  • BONUS#2: 30 Ways To Get Free Website Traffic In 30 Minutes Or Less

You will have access to ALL vendor bonuses in the members area. You can see these bonuses in the sales page by clicking on the green button below.

How To Access The Bonuses?

All you have to do is click on the green button below, pick up your copy and feel free to contact me or email your receipt to admin[at] (replace [at] with @, this tactic is to avoid spam) to receive all my premium bonuses above for FREE.

The bonuses from vendor will be automatically delivered in the members area.


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3 years ago

Have questions? Leave a comment 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Edward

Hi! I have a very important question to ask you as a professional online marketer.
Do you think this method is suitable for me considering I am a complete newbie, 0 experience?
I there anything else than the Traxion method that you can recommend?
Thank you!

3 years ago
Reply to  mariana

Hi Mariana,

As you can read on my review, this course is completely suitable for newbie and for anyone who wants to start affiliate marketing.

Inside this course, Mark & Bill will show you from scratch how you can start making money with affiliate marketing.

There are many courses teach about affiliate marketing out there and all have the same process:

1. Choose a product to promote
2. Create a landing page
3. Drive traffic to your landing page
4. Build an email list with your prospects on it
5. Making money
6. Repeat

The most important is still traffic (step #3), so each course will have a different traffic method.

For Traxion, the traffic methods inside it (mostly paid traffic) really work & convert well. You can see my result above after testing one campaign.

If you have any other questions, just let me know!

Thanks for commenting! 🙂

All the best,