What Is MMO? Types Of MMO Should & Shouldn’t Do In 2019.

Do you usually hear your friends or even your relatives said that they do MMO for Money? So what exactly is MMO and if it truly exists? The following article will answer all of your questions about this hot topic.

What Is MMO That Many People Do?

MMO stands for the first 3 letters of Make Money Online. Just listening to the name is enough to understand, right? You will use a computer or a phone (mostly computers) that has an Internet connection to do the work in the end to earn money.

Thus, the meaning of MMO is quite wide, because as long as you are taking advantage of the online environment to make money, you are doing MMO.

However, I will classify MMO into 3 types as follows:

  • Children: I named for fun because this type is usually for “children under 18” to do. Like doing surveys, clicking ads, installing phone apps,… Mainly making money for coffee, charging cards over the day, but considering the profit or long-term, there is no. People who really do MMO will not do it, or make it fun.
  • Professional: As people who do MMO like me, take advantage of the famous platforms available to make money. Like Affiliate Networks, Youtube, Amazon, Google,… They all have their own programs to help you have the opportunity to “cooperate”. The opportunity for income is endless and gives you knowledge + true durability.
  • Online business: It is also MMO because it is based on an online platform to bring customers. I am also doing online business and appointing you in another article.


I and you will not analyze anything here. What you need to understand now is:

Anything that can make money in an online environment, it’s called MMO.

This is a pretty generic word, and you want to do it like yourself and thousands of other people, we need to analyze what method should and should not do.

Does MMO Really Exist? I’m Still Vague.

Are you so confused and wondering if you can really make Money from the Internet or not?

Since 2016, I have had results with MMO. Below are just a few proofs of my online income, you can see more proofs here:

amnewsfeed phucduong income

Make Money Online (MMO) is real. Many companies from big to small ones will pay you a lot of money if you can do something offering benefits to their online marketing strategies.

You can even become their partner, no matter who you are or what certificates you have, they only need you to perform well for their jobs. The following is two very simple examples about MMO:

  • When you place Google advertisement on your website and your visitors click that Ads, Google Adsense will bank your account with real money.
  • You can find and sell digital products of others through affiliate marketing on Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus or so on. When someone purchases those products through your link including your own “Affiliate ID”, you will get a very high commission (usually will be 50% commission).

Those are only two among various ways to MMO, and there is even more! The following image is the result from one of my friends when making money with SunfrogShirt:

Make money online (MMO) with SunfrogShirt

There are a lot of reputed ways to MMO but you can also face tons of bullshit and stupid methods by which you can earn the crazily small amount of money or even just scam.

So you should choose carefully when deciding to make money online. In part #4 and part #5 of this post, I’m showing you which MMO ways to and not to join. But first, let’s see how can you get your money once being paid?

How To Get Your Money When Doing MMO?

Today there are many online transaction services and when you earn your money online, it will most likely to come with these services. After having the money in your online account, you can withdraw them to your local bank account.

The following is two most popular and reputed payment services:


#1. PayPal

PayPal was found in 1998 and today it’s very well-known and trusted by users all over the world. When doing MMO, you can transfer your money from affiliate network to your PayPal account, then connect your banking card with this PayPal account to withdraw it. The money comes to local bank account within 2-4 working days.

PayPal is well-known with a high level of security, useful features for selling and buying products, and its world-class popularity. Using PayPal is really simple. You can visit PayPal.com to register a free account and start using their services. You only have to pay a small fee when performing transactions by PayPal. Sign up free here!

#2. Payoneer

Being found in 2005, for recent years, Payoneer continuously pleases their customers when it cooperates and connects with many reputed networks relating to online jobs, affiliate marketing, making money online all around the globe.

The most useful feature of using Payoneer is that you will be provided with a Mastercard card attached to your account so you can withdraw the money right at the ATM near your house. Click here to sign up & earn $25 free!

Best Reputed & Profitable Ways To MMO

There are a lot of different ways to MMO, so you should consider very carefully about the potential, reputation and lifetime of those methods. In the following part, I will introduce to you some reputed methods you can join:

#1. Make money with websites

This is the most well-known MMO method. By developing a website, you can extend it to many ways of making money online such as:

  • Renting slots to advertising networks: For example Google Adsense, Chitika, PropellerAds… or advertising contract between you and your own advertising partners. If you have good daily traffic, there will be a lot of partners willing to contact you.
  • Selling your own products: You can build a website, write contents related to your products and drive your readers to your sales page.
  • Selling products of other authors to get a commission (affiliate marketing): This is a hot trend of doing MMO since you don’t even have to create a product to sell. You only need to promote products of other people and get very high commissions of up to even 100%.

Generally, there are tons of methods to monetize your website. You can search for articles about popular methods to make money online with websites in this year to see for yourself.

#2. Make money with Affiliate Marketing

As I said above, affiliate marketing has huge potential and it can earn you a huge amount of income every month. You don’t have to have any skill to create products since you do promote others’ products.

The following are some typical ways to MMO as affiliate marketing that I think you should join. Let’s see how you can do affiliate marketing with your website in the following parts:

  • MMO with Product Launch: You can start with this sort of doing MMO to get basic skills of building a website, choosing products, promoting your content, and doing SEO for your website. To get the fundamentals of MMO with PL, you can read my case study here about how to make money with Product Launch.
  • MMO with Niche Site: This is one of a difficult methods but it can bring back a huge amount of money and even passive income. This way means you have to build a website for a particular niche and promoting products related to that niche. Amazon is the place that many people choose to make money with niche sites because in there they have almost every kind of products in the world.
  • MMO with Authority Site: This is even a higher level than Niche site, meaning it’s much harder for you to follow this sort of doing MMO depending the type of product you choose. It means that you have to build a website specializing about a certain area (for example cooking, beauty, garden…) and sell related products. There are many people have succeeded with building Authority sites to make money with Clickbank.

Should read: 5 Simple Steps To Writing SEO-Friendly Content (2019 Update)

#3. Make money with Selling T-shirts

This method of MMO is only for ones who have a huge budget with $200 in minimum.

Your first task is to design images to put on your shirts. People mostly outsource because many of us don’t know how to design.

There are many websites which allow you to upload your images, insert them into blank shirts, name the price and then you bring them to make an advertisement. Companies which own those websites will print the shirts and ship them to customers.

The target market is US and EU countries since they have a strong and steady growth of online purchase and payment. When buying T-shirts, people in these countries also often choose ones which show their pride of careers or passions.

There are a lot of websites making this kind of business and the most typical ones are Teespring, Viralstyle, Fabrily, Sunfrogshirt, etc.

#4. Make money by selling your own products

If you have advanced skills such as coding, programming, etc. to make supporting apps for others, such as:

  • WordPress themes and plugins
  • iOS and android apps
  • Apps supporting internet marketing
  • And more

Then MMO is the big chance for you. You can write programs, applications which bring huge benefits to users, then promoting them by yourself or group a team to do that for you. Many people have gotten extremely high-income thanks to making WordPress theme.

Or else, if you don’t have any advanced skills, you can totally create other products as E-books, training videos about everything you can tutor and you think other people will need it. Then you make a promotional plan for it.

However, bear in mind that you have to create real value for your customers.

MMO Methods Which You Should Not Get Into

Except for reputed MMO methods like the above, there are many other methods that you will see in the future, but you should stay away some of them. Most of those bad methods don’t require advanced skills, but they go along with very high risk and very small money earned.

In the following parts, I will list out methods which you SHOULD NOT get into, so you can avoid them in the future.

#1. PTC (Paid to Click)

There are many websites will pay you money for clicking advertisements. This type of making money online is very popular and you will see many people do it and invite you to do.

Making money with PTC is real but how much you earn with it is a different problem. Who can I run to the small -4 won to light and each day it allows you to click a limited number of times.

So if you want to get more money you have to upgrade your account and hire people to click it for you. You can get a job but yet but after a few months, but you can also lose it all because many networks performing this business scams.

Except for that you have to recruit lower level users to register through your link and they have to go through the exact process you did so you will receive your commissions.

This is the reason why you will see many people introduce PTC just for the purpose of recruiting other to register throw their links. If you see cases like that get away from them.

#2. PTU (Paid to Upload)

This is the way of making money that you share files to networks and when other people download your files, you will get money.

I used to earn money this way but just a little. If you want to earn a bunch, you have to know some tricks and share files with no copyrights. This means you have to break the law. And some networks also don’t pay you the money for sharing copyrighted files.

I have done businesses with PTU in a short time then I realized that problem and I stopped. If you want to find a method of sharing files to earn money, think about creating your own product and sell it you can get a lot of money in comparison with PTU.

#3. Offer – pretend to be a foreigner to do survey

Offer is the business that you pretend to be a foreigner who has a name, age, personal information such as address, phone number etc. and you will also get to fake IP address from that country.

After that, you use the fake information to register promotion packages on websites. Many American websites grant money to people who register, do a survey, fill in form etc.

To me, it is not different from scamming others, and if they find out, the account will be banned and they will not pay the money you have earned.

If there is someone telling you to do offer by instruction, you should also not to get into this stuff because this is a fake method with no honesty and money.

#4. Doing survey and reading advertising emails

Doing survey is that you have to do many surveys from various companies to earn a few pennies.

Reading ads emails is almost the same when you have to register an account and read emails every day and follow the instruction, but making very little money.

This is also MMO, but the money you gain from it is VERY LITTLE. You should not waste time into these kinds of bullshit, and there are also many scamming companies who don’t pay you.

#5. HYIP (high yield investment program)

Have you ever heard of any MMO methods that you have to do nothing but credit the money and wait for the interest money? Sweet talking about this makes thousands of people losing all of their money for this kind of investments.

Remember that, the top rule of an HYIP website is: It will pay the first small amount of money, so you will trust it, so it will scam the whole bunch of money when the number of members is high. And you will lose it all. This is a very risky type of investments, and you should not put your wallet in it.

#6. Online Betting and Gambling

This is not MMO but many greedy asses want to get into. If you join these businesses, it is no different from gambling in real life with your money, and the website owners have even higher chances to scam you.

So, be careful and stay away of being ensnared.

#7. Binary Option and Forex

These are methods dealing with the stock market. If you are a newbie and not knowing much, don’t get into these methods because of very high risks.

Final Recommendation

Now you know “What is MMO?”, which types of MMO that you should and shouldn’t do, so you should carefully consider before joining any methods of making money online.

If needed, you can send me a message here or ask me for some recommendations right in the comment section below. I can help you to analyze and make the best decision based on your conditions.

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