[YIVE 3.0] Your Instant Video Empire 3.0 Review: Should You Try It?

Welcome to my Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) 3.0 review!

Are you making money with Amazon Associates Program?

Do you agree with me that creating a physical product review video on Amazon is very time consuming and expensive?

Especially when you are just a newbie and have little money to start. Or you have too little time and also want to save money.

In order to create a complete product review video, you will have to…

  • buy & try out the product you want to promote and also use it for your video.
  • buy the equipment needed for video recording. (can cost thousands of dollars)
  • come up with ideas and scripts for your video. (the most headache part)
  • record and edit the video yourself, which can take several days. (or it costs hundreds to thousands of dollars if you outsource)
  • take hours to research keywords, tags & meta just to rank one of your videos.

And many other things you have to do yourself even if you have no experience. But not sure you will make money from that video.

Wait! Let’s see the results below…

After using YIVE version 3.0, everything will be easier. Let’s read my Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) 3.0 review below to see how this new version can help and save you more money & time.

I have reviewed the old version, you can read it here.

YIVE 3.0 Summary Box $47
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Support


  • Product Name: YIVE version 3.0
  • Creators: Marcus Cudd
  • Launch Date: April 13th, 2020
  • Launch Time: 10am EST
  • Bonus: Yes! See my premium bonuses at the bottom.
  • Refund: 30 days money back guaranteed!
  • Price: YIVE has 3 packages
    – Starter: $47/mo OR $470/yr
    – Professional: $197/mo OR $970/yr
    – Enterprise: $197/mo OR $1,970/yr

YIVE or Your Instant Video Empire is a powerful tool that allows you auto-create mass videos for ANY affiliate products or even promote local businesses, then drive insane amounts of traffic to your websites/offers.

Read more in my Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) 3.0 review or click the button below to buy it now!

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#1. What is YIVE 3.0?

YIVE or Your Instant Video Empire is a powerful tool that allows you auto-create mass videos for ANY affiliate products or even promote local businesses, then drive insane amounts of traffic to your websites/offers.

In the old version, its main purpose is to create mass videos for promoting Amazon products. But now with new version 3.0, it can do more than that.

YIVE 3.0 provides 6 different campaign types, automatically creates and uploads videos from…

  • Amazon products. (video reviews)
  • Specific keywords.
  • Spintax content.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Any URL.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Your own video and script.

And it also has these outstanding features:

  • Works 24/7/365 creating and uploading videos on auto-pilot.
  • Automatically seasons your Google accounts with natural tasks to keep them alive.
  • Automatically stacks accounts for more authority.
  • Built-in phone verification tools.
  • Built-in playlist booster.
  • Uses internal residential proxies to manage accounts.
  • Integrations for automating tasks.
  • and more.

#2. Who is behind YIVE 3.0?

YIVE was created by Marcus Cudd (a talented marketer) who from my understanding has invested over $100k in it’s development and growth since its first launched in April 2019.

So it proves that YIVE is an amazing tool that’s here to stay and is constantly being maintained and updated.

In the next section of this Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) 3.0 review, I’ll show you how this new version all works.

#3. How does YIVE version 3.0 work?

The whole process is fully automated and the same in each campaign.

Before starting to use, you will need to add Google accounts to the system. It will use the built-in proxy system to log in to your account, verify the credentials and check out your YouTube channel then add it to your YIVE account. You can also create a group of accounts for easy management.

Maybe you’re interested: How to use Twitter proxy

When new accounts are added, I always choose the option to “Season” the accounts. YIVE will automatically perform tasks such as checking email, browsing or creating documents, etc,.. to keep your account alive. This is truly an amazing stuff!

I will make a small example on how to create a new campaign to promote security cameras on Amazon. The first step you will need is to give it a name and then select “Amazon”. Next, follow the steps in the images below.

  • Step #1: Type your keywords


  • Step #2: Choose the options


  • Step #3: Schedule tasks


Another thing that I like about YIVE 3.0 is that it will use 4-5 star ratings of the product to include in the video content. This increases the reliability of the product, thereby increasing sales!

You can edit as many slides as you like and it even reads the review content using the built-in voice over.

In the next section of this YIVE 3.0 review, I will show you what you can do with this new version.

#4. What you actually can do with YIVE v3.0?

YIVE 3.0 is a very great system, not only can you use it to create promotional videos, but you can also create video backlinks, drive traffic, sales and more.

Here’s a few ways you can use YIVE 3.0:

  • Dominate Any Niche with Thousands of Videos
  • Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Campaigns
  • Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Products
  • Drive Traffic to Your Adsense Blogs
  • Drive Traffic to Websites You Flip
  • Drive Traffic to Websites You Rent
  • Drive Traffic for Pay Per Call Leads
  • Drive Traffic to Lead Generation Sites
  • Drive Traffic to Client Websites
  • Dominate in Many Languages
  • Generate YouTube Ad Revenue
  • Build Authority YouTube Channels
  • Build Your Email List
  • Resell Traffic to Clients
  • Sell ​​Pre-Roll Ads to Clients
  • Build mass Video Backlinks for website SEO
  • Build A Full-Time Income From Home

What really excites me about this tool is its ability to automate tasks. In fact, you can create a complete campaign with just a few clicks taking minutes without any advanced skills.

You can setup multiple campaigns at once, distribute videos across multiple accounts, use spintax, convert scripts to voice over with background music and much more.

And many of your videos will have a chance to RANK on Google as mine do for Amazon affiliate products, local business, list building videos and more.


#5. Does YIVE include training videos?

YES! There are many training videos on how to use YIVE. In the previous version, it included 24 step-by-step training videos, and now with the new version YIVE 3.0 will include extra 10 strategy videos on how to use YIVE in the most effective way.

If you still need help or have questions, you can join the Facebook group to discuss more about the problems you encounter while using YIVE 3.0.

Here are some sample tutorials to show you how easy YIVE 3.0 is to use.

#6. YIVE 3.0 review: Pros & Cons

YIVE 3.0 Pros:

  • Auto-create mass videos in a few clicks.
  • Many types of video to auto-create.
  • Step-by-step training videos.
  • YIVE 3.0 has no upsells.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Tons of bonuses you can see right below.

YIVE 3.0 Cons:

  • With this new version, you will have to pay monthly instead of one-time as before.
  • You need to have your own Google or YouTube accounts to use.

#7. How much does YIVE 3.0 cost?

In the old version, it included 1 FE product and 2 Upsells: YIVE, YIVE SMB & YIVECaster for a one-time price.

With YIVE 3.0, it won’t have any upsells but you’ll have to pay monthly. Because it has been upgraded to a lot of premium features, and the creators need monthly maintenance costs to achieve the highest possible performance when you use it. Hope you understand!

YIVE 3.0 has 3 packages:

  • Starter: $47/mo OR $470/yr
  • Professional: $197/mo OR $970/yr
  • Enterprise: $197/mo OR $1,970/yr

You can buy low package and upgrade to higher package whenever you want.

Now look at the pricing options below to compare between YIVE 3.0’s packages.


#8. Who is YIVE 3.0 best for?

YIVE is NOT for you, if you…

  • don’t want to invest money.
  • want to produce high quality professional videos. This is a game of numbers. The more videos you make, the more money you earn.
  • think you will make thousands of dollars with just 1 campaign. Think again, this is a game of numbers!
  • don’t want to make money easier. lol

All work requires seriousness, if you’re willing to invest time in using YIVE, you’ll definitely get results soon. Trust me!

Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) is for marketers, affiliate marketers, product owners and local marketers who want to automate a lot of their work for getting traffic, conversions, leads, and sales.

YIVE is not difficult to use if you take the time to complete the training videos. Everything is as simple as adding accounts and letting YIVE automate everything. Whether it’s 1 or 100 videos, it will help you upload videos over a period of time and repeat.

#9. FAQs about YIVE 3.0

Do we offer a one-time-fee option?

No. This is not a pump and dump software. This is a video marketing platform that is maintained and supported. It is impossible to maintain high-quality software with a one-time fee. There is also NO UPSELL after you subscribe.

Do I need to download any special software?

No. This is cloud-based, so you can access it with an internet connection and any device such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Nothing to download or install.

Do I need proxies?

No. YIVE handles all of that.

Do I need a VPN?

No. YIVE is cloud-based.

Do I need any special video skills?

No. This tool is built for people who do not have videography or video-editing skills.

Is there training?

Yes. There are over 20 training videos to cover all aspects of the software and best practices. There are also Strategy videos to help you build a business that generates an income for you.

Does this work in other countries?

Yes. The videos can be made in many languages.

Do you supply YouTube Accounts?

No. But you can add as many YouTube Accounts as your subscription level permits.

Can I upgrade later?

Yes. However, you will get the pricing available at the time of upgrade which may be higher than current pricing.

#10. YIVE 3.0 review: Your turn

To use YIVE, you will need to have Google or YouTube accounts but YIVE does not give you those. So you will have to create or buy one yourself. This is probably the only drawback of YIVE that I can find.

But that will not be a very serious problem, because these accounts are often sold at a cheap price, only a few bucks for an account. (make sure to buy aged accounts, since they already have authority so they will rank better on Google or YouTube)

The important thing here is how you can leverage YIVE to make money from them. Right?

So if you have any questions or need more help, just leave a comment in the section below or contact me. Thanks for reading my Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) 3.0 review!

Why should you buy YIVE 3.0 from me?

If you buy through my YIVE 3.0 review, you’ll get my exclusive bonuses below. My bonuses will help you succeed faster when combined with YIVE 3.0.

Now have a look at my bonuses below…

bonus savage affiliates

Special Bonus – Savage Affiliates ($497 Value)

The ONLY BLUEPRINT You’ll Ever Need To Start And Build A Profitable Online Affiliate Business!


epic cash bonus

Exclusive Bonus #1 – Epic Cash (PDF Only)

The perfect method/insider secrets on how to start your own online business & earn $500 daily or more with it.

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Exclusive Bonus #2 – Invi$ible (POTD on W+)

Invi$ible is a brand new software and training that will show you how to quickly generate thousands of dollars per day online while remaining completely anonymous & also generate tons of ‘buyer’ traffic – without creating videos or even using your real name and you don’t even need to be able to speak English to use this method.


yt supremacy bonus

Exclusive Bonus #3 – YT Supremacy

YT Supremacy is a BRAND NEW training course that teaches you how to build authority YouTube channels to dominate your niche(s) for promoting affiliate products or even your own products and services.

This method can generate thousands of dollars a month, and there’s no need for a website, an email list or even showing your face on camera.


newbie affiliate playbook bonus

Exclusive Bonus #4 – Newbie Affiliate Playbook

This step-by-step video training takes you by the hand and shows you the rarely understood secrets behind a successful affiliate promotion, and how you can boost your commissions to 5 figures every time.

It also includes the actual case study and product that Steve promoted to hit the leaderboard of one of the biggest launches of the year so far.


traffic nemesis bonus

Exclusive Bonus #5 – Traffic Nemesis

Discover the ‘Secret System’ we use to pull in over 350 FREE leads per day and able to generate $273 per day using FREE traffic!



Exclusive Bonus #6 – Traffic Victory

Traffic Victory is a training course includes case study that show you how Marc builds FREE traffic machines that bring him $100 – $200+ per day in passive affiliate commissions.


leverage bonus

Exclusive Bonus #7 – Leverage

Leverage is a brand new, under-the-radar method that makes it easy for you to land at the top of the affiliate leaderboards, even if you’re a total newbie and you’ve never made an affiliate sale in your life. Real-life Zero to $1,273.46 in 3 days case study included for FREE.


hidden traffic hack bonus

Exclusive Bonus #8 – Hidden Traffic Hack

A new way to tap into hundreds of thousands of niche email lists for free, that you can email with your stuff on-demand for free without an autoresponder (or chatbot) every single day.



Exclusive Bonus #9 – Breakout Buyer Traffic

How this guy got 1649 hot leads for FREE, stuffed his pocket with $872.09 in just 7 days, and makes an additional $1,850.14 per month while he sleeps.


ipassive bonus

Exclusive Bonus #10 – iPassive

You will learn how to create videos that promote basically anything that you want completely passively through the power of YouTube and a few other free platforms.

iPassive includes 20 Over the Shoulder style videos by Mark Furniss (the student who crushed it), outlining every step of the iPassive process in an easy to follow format that is suitable for newbies and intermediates alike.


How To Access The Bonuses?

All you have to do is click on ANY button in this YIVE 3.0 review, pick up your copy and feel free to contact me or email your receipt to admin[at]amnewsfeed.com (replace [at] with @, this tactic is to avoid spam) to receive all my premium bonuses above for FREE.

The bonuses from vendor will be automatically delivered in the members area.


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2 years ago

Have questions? Leave a comment 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Edward

Hi there. I would just like to know whether the videos created in this platform is safe or not. Will there be any copyright issues about the video content? Will a monetized channel be demonetized due to duplicate content? Will a channel get demonetized for any possible copyright issues and the use of Text to Speech program?

2 years ago
Reply to  Armaggy

Yes, it’s safe and won’t be any copyright issues!

But I only recommend using this tool to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

Because as I know, YouTube currently doesn’t allow any “Text to Speech” channels to monetize.

P.s. Sorry for the late reply!

2 years ago

Youtube upgraded their ToS, so videos with Text to Speech voice used cannot be monetized any longer.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ali

Hey Ali, thanks for the info!

As you mentioned, perhaps Text to Speech (TTS) voice can harm your monetization opportunity with YouTube Partner program.

But the main purpose of YIVE app is used to make money with Affiliate Marketing, so you don’t need to worry about it.

If you have any other questions about YIVE app, just let me know.

Thanks for commenting!



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