YouStudio Review: 7 YouTube Optimization Apps (Full Demo)

Welcome to my YouStudio review!

YouStudio is a complete YouTube Video Marketing toolkit that created by Ace Marketer Mario Brown along with Tech Wizard Michael Agene.

Using the 7 ‘traffic generating’ software included in this bundle for the price of 1, you can easily achieve astonishing results and drive tons of traffic from YouTube to you or your clients’ websites, offers and landing pages.

Sound interesting! But can you really get results as its claims?

All you need to do is read my YouStudio review right below to find out more. Let’s go!

YouStudio Summary Box $27
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Support


  • Product Name: YouStudio
  • Creators: Mario Brown & Michael Agene
  • Launch Date: January 4th, 2020
  • Launch Time: 11am EST
  • Bonus: Yes! See my premium bonuses at the end of this review.
  • Refund: 14 days money back guarantee
  • Price: $27
    – After launch the price will be increased to $47.

YouStudio is a combination of 7 different Video Marketing software for the price of 1, all aimed at generating traffic from different sources within YouTube.

The 7 tools included in this complete YouTube Marketing suite are: Viral Keyword Tool, Headline Analyser/Creator, Viral Video Finder, Video Syndication, YouRanker Competitor Spy, YouGraphics for YouTube, Video Slide Creator.

Read more in my YouStudio review or click the button below to buy it now!

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#1. What is YouStudio?


YouStudio is the ultimate all-in-one Video marketing software bundle with 7 tools to 10x your video engagement, traffic, leads and sales from YouTube.

What’s in the bundle: 7 Video Marketing Software to help you drive ALL the traffic floating around on YouTube in every nook and corner, with the Commercial License included without the need to upgrade, makes it a ‘No-Brainer’ as well.

  • Maybe you’re interested: I’ve also reviewed a brand new Video Software that optimized for stories, advertising videos and regular membership or website-related videos, called VideoFlow.

In the next part of this YouStudio review, I will show you in detail how each tool works.

#2. What will you get inside YouStudio?

YouStudio includes 7 different tools that will help you effortlessly drive literally “everyone accessing YouTube every day” to your offers or your website.

Tool #1: Viral Keyword Tool


Grab all the viral keywords QUICKLY using the easiest keyword research tool ever created. Start creating videos that go viral around the topics that REALLY matter (the ones people are searching for).

Your audience on YouTube are not out to watch boring content.

Related: 6 ways to research YouTube keywords to rank #1 on YouTube fastest.

Tool #2: ​Headline Analyser


Your videos are dead in the water if you can’t title them well. This tool will help you analyse viral-worthy headlines that make your videos go viral using a unique subliminal algorithm around emotional and power words.

Every other video will not stand a chance around yours when you use this to create headlines that get the clicks – increases CTRs to generate leads, sales and HUGE profits.

Tool #3: ​Viral Video Finder


Lets you see the exact viral videos that are making the waves on the internet, including all their engagement stats across several social media platforms.

Quickly Swipe their strategy and implement on your own or your clients videos to see instant results!

Tool #4: ​Video Syndication


Lets you schedule your videos directly from YouTube to 3 of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

It’ll take you just a few minutes to schedule your videos for days, weeks, or even months, after which you can relax and watch your videos get more traffic, SEO rankings, and massive exposure.

Tool #5: Competitor Spy


Place your videos or client videos side by side with your competitor and see EXACTLY what they’re doing that you’re not doing. This not only exposes their strategies but also allow you swipe/improve on what they’re doing so you can beat them at their own game.​

Your videos won’t stand the chance against your competition without this insight.​

Tool #6: YouTube Graphics Designer


Lets you create professional graphics assets for your Videos or client videos with preset YouTube banner sizes you can simply select and start using.

Helps you quickly design attention-grabbing YouTube banners that will make your channel videos stand out from your competition.

Tool #7: ​Video Slide Creator


The simplest video creator app ever is what you’re seeing here. Create simple slideshow videos for your channel. It synchronizes with YouGraphics such that you can create all your graphic assets right inside YouGraphics, and finish it up inside this really simple video creator.


#3. How does YouStudio work?

I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m provided with access to the YouStudio software as a beta user by the creators. So I can give you an honest overview of this product.

You can now check out the demo video below for more details.

#4. Why you ‘need’ YouStudio?

I can figure you probably already have a ton of video creation tools that are gathering dust on your desktop.

Because the truth is, everybody is telling you to do video marketing just to sell you another video creation software, but no one is telling you exactly how to optimize them for maximum profit.

Good news, I’m here to tell you.

YouStudio – an ALL IN ONE platform that completely eliminates the cost and stress you’d have to go through to achieve similar results.

YouStudio will give you everything you need and more – all under one proof, in 1 tool kit at a super-low one-time payment to create virally optimized videos consistently.

You will no longer have to stress of logging into multiply software just to achieve one thing.

Here’s what actual users of YouStudio are saying…


And here are just some of the video tools YouStudio works with & helps optimize:


Create a passive income with the Commercial license included (without upgrading)

As you can see, these services can be offered individually or as a complete package, depending on your clients’ needs. You can decide to charge them a one-time or a monthly recurring fee.

Video Marketing is a ‘Must-Have’ today for every business. Cash in on it. The world is on YouTube. Local businesses have literally ‘No Choice’ there.

You can easily generate Revenue selling these services to customers.

Here’s what you can promise your clients:

  • Grab all the viral keywords quickly they can use to know exactly the type of videos their potential customers wants to watch.
  • Analyse viral-worthy headlines that make their videos go viral using a unique subliminal algorithm around emotional and power words.
  • See the exact viral videos that are making waves on the internet, including all their engagement stats across several social media platforms.
  • Schedule their videos directly from YouTube to 3 of the biggest social media platforms in the world.
  • Place their videos side by side with their competitor and see exactly what they’re doing that they’re not.
  • Create professional graphics assets for their Videos with preset YouTube banner sizes you can simply select and start using.
  • Create simple video presentation slideshow videos for their channel.
  • And a lot more…

See some examples of Fiverr here:

youstudio make money with fiverr

14-day money back guarantee

This is an offer that is genuinely hard to say ‘No’ to. I understand that. Rushing into something can make anyone nervous. I understand that too. I have been in your shoes.

That is the reason I want to take the pressure off you completely. Use YouStudio for 14 days and in case you don’t see the value in it for the small investment you are making today – just drop a message at support and get all your money back instantly.

#5. Compare YouStudio with others

There are many YouTube marketing tools out there but most of them work independently, such as: TubeBuddy ($49/month), VidIQ ($125/month), Serpstat ($399/month), Cyfe ($89+/month), KeywordTool ($99/month), Cincopa ($119/month) or so on.

So do you know that? If not YouStudio, to be able to own 7 such tools, you will have to pay tons of money every single month.

But now with YouStudio in your hands, you can own 7 incredible video optimization apps for the price of just 1 (only $27 one time payment, price will be increased soon) without recurring fees.

And the best part, you can manipulate with all video tools, manage all video campaigns in just one dashboard.

No need to switch between different desktops, run and collect data related to different campaigns – it’s all surely mind-boggling.

Indeed, this is a steal for the price it’s currently selling for.


#6. YouStudio Pros & Cons

YouStudio Pros:

  • See exactly what kind of videos that boost traffic, leads, and sales
    turn YouTube into a viral traffic machine.
  • Compare your videos side by side with your competitors to know exactly why they’re doing better.
  • Shows you the exact metrics your competition uses against you.
  • Schedule unlimited videos to the top social media platforms.
  • Set rank monitoring on your videos to know when to take an action.
  • Create stunning YouTube graphics that makes your channel pop.
  • Works with all known video creation tools.
  • Zero technical or design skills required.
  • “No question asked” 14-day money back guarantee.
  • When you buy YouStudio, you’ll also immediately receive premium bonuses from the vendors and my exclusive bonuses right below.

YouStudio Cons:

  • YouStudio’s video creator tool can only create simple slideshow videos but fast.

#7. How much does YouStudio cost?

YouStudio has 1 Front-End & 4 OTOs.

FE: YouStudio + FREE Commercial License (Price $27 to $47)

Including YouStudio software plus free commercial license.


Important: All the OTOs below are reference for the Front-End, so you have to purchase FE product first. Otherwise all would be meaningless.

OTO1: YouStudio PRO (Price $67)

In this PRO version you get:

  • The ability to set GeoLocation based video rank monitoring.
  • Our incredible YouTube rank checker on unlimited keywords and videos.
  • Ability to set up rank alert so you know exactly how your videos or client videos are performing.
  • Access to xLinkly – our newly developed dynamic video link tracker (never been launched on any platform so you will be the first to own this tool).
  • And track your video performance in foreign countries for global ranking.

OTO2: YouStudio Agency Kit (Price $77)

Get high paying recurring clients faster with the proven ready to use high converting fully done for you professional youstudio agency business kit:

  • DFY killer Powerpoint presentation & proposal
  • Readymade video marketing agency website
  • Print-ready commercial graphics template
  • Ready-to-mail email series
  • Done for you legal contract
  • 4 done for you agency Facebook ads
  • Pimped-to-sell telemarketing scripts

OTO3: YouStudio Reseller Rights (Price $97 to $297)

Resell YouStudio as your own software and keep 100% of the profits. Let us handle all the support, servers, all the technical and boring part.

OTO4: YouStudio Full Whitelabel (Price $97 to $497)

Sell the YouStudio apps under your brand, with your custom logo, custom colors & we even give you an animated sales video.

  • 50 Accounts Package at $97
  • 500 Accounts Package at $197
  • 1000 Accounts Package at $497

#8. Who is YouStudio best for?

In 2020 and beyond, the video marketing trend, especially YouTube marketing, will continue to grow stronger and stronger. Take a look at some of the following statistics:

  • YouTube replaced Facebook as the #1 platform that affects consumer behavior. – According to Animoto
  • By 2020, the number of videos crossing the Internet per second will approach 1 million. – According to Social Media Week
  • 88% of marketers are committed to devoting more dollars to video campaigns in the future. – According to Social Media Week
  • Every day, people watch over a billion hours of video on YouTube. – According to YouTube

Whether you’re anyone (affiliate marketer, freelancer, etc,.) or in any industry, you’ll always need videos to take your business to the next level.

So YouStudio here can help you with all YouTube Marketing related issues.

But I still need to say that, if you would like to quickly double your sales & client sales using nothing but simple videos (along with all the video apps you’ve ever bought), then this is for you.


#9. FAQs about YouStudio

Q1. Do I need to upgrade my account to get the Commercial License?

A1. No. Right now you don’t need to upgrade. Having said that, I cannot guarantee how long will this special offer last. So, my suggestion is that you act fast and get in.

Q2. What if I am unable to use it? Will you help me?

A2. There’s all the training inside the software to get you started. I have checked out the software. They have made it brain-dead simple. Anyway, if you still have questions, you can always contact support.

Q3. What if I don’t get the results that I was hoping for?

A3. That’s going to be really hard to achieve. But just in case, you need guidance to get best results, you can always contact Support and they will surely help you out. But again, if you are at the end still not happy with the results, simply ask for a refund within 14 days of your purchase.

Q4. What do I need to get best results from YouStudio?

A4. Just a laptop with internet connection. YouStudio is 100% cloud-based. Nothing to download or install. You also don’t need any coding or designing skills. YouStudio is completely newbie friendly.

Q5. What if I have some other question that has not been answered here?

A5. In that case, I’d suggest you to contact support at They are best equipped to answer any query you may have.

#10. YouStudio review: Your turn

Thanks for reading my YouStudio review! I hope it’s been helpful for you. If it has, please let me know in the comments. If it hasn’t, will you take a moment to tell me why not? Your feedback helps improve everything we post on our website.

So in short, you will get 7 video optimization tools inside YouStudio for the price of just 1 and there’s definitely no better way to start 2020.

Michael & Mario have created something really special here and the tools are awesome! I particularly love the viral video finder and video syndication tools – just what I needed for my business.

I can now finally have all my video tools in one dashboard. Indeed, this is a steal for the price it’s currently selling for. So, I highly recommend YouStudio!

Try out YouStudio risk-free for 14 days.

Why should you buy YouStudio from me?

If you buy through my YouStudio review, you’ll get my exclusive bonuses below. My bonuses will help you succeed faster when combined with YouStudio.

Now have a look at my bonuses below…

epic cash bonus

Exclusive Bonus #1 – Epic Cash (PDF Only)

In the Epic Cash, I will share with you the perfect method/insider secrets on how to start your own online business & earn $500 daily or more with it. Click the button below to see more proofs from action takers!

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Invi$ible is a brand new software and training that will show you how to quickly generate thousands of dollars per day online while remaining completely anonymous & also generate tons of ‘buyer’ traffic – without creating videos or even using your real name and you don’t even need to be able to speak English to use this method.


yt supremacy bonus

Exclusive Bonus #3 – YT Supremacy

YT Supremacy is a BRAND NEW training course that teaches you how to build authority YouTube channels to dominate your niche(s) for promoting affiliate products or even your own products and services.

YT Supremacy will have you building high-quality, authority driven channels for all of your niche markets and products.

Our methods can drive thousands of people to your videos and you can promote your or other people’s products. This method can generate thousands of dollars a month, and there’s no need for a website, an email list or even showing your face on camera.

Just imagine what ranking in the top of YouTube and Google can do for your business, without having to spend money on expensive ad space.



Exclusive Bonus #4 – Breakout Buyer Traffic

You will learn how this guy got 1649 hot leads for FREE, stuffed his pocket with $872.09 in just 7 days, and makes an additional $1,850.14 per month while he sleeps. You can apply this free traffic method and combined with YouStudio method to make more traffic & sales completely free.



Exclusive Bonus #5 – ViralTek

ViralTek helps you drive massive targeted traffic to your products and affiliate offers for FREE and it can also be used to rank your YouTube videos and blog posts.



Exclusive Bonus #6 – Traffic Victory

Traffic Victory is a training course includes case study that show you how Marc builds FREE traffic machines that bring him $100 – $200+ per day in passive affiliate commissions.


leverage bonus

Exclusive Bonus #7 – Leverage

Leverage is a brand new, under-the-radar method that makes it easy for you to land at the top of the affiliate leaderboards, even if you’re a total newbie and you’ve never made an affiliate sale in your life. Real-life Zero to $1,273.46 in 3 days case study included for FREE.


hidden traffic hack bonus

Exclusive Bonus #8 – Hidden Traffic Hack

We found a new way to not only tap into hundreds of thousands of niche email lists for free, that you can email with your stuff on-demand for free.

But also a way to build your own email list, without an autoresponder (or chatbot) that you can mail near unlimited subscribers every single day that can inbox better than any major autoresponder on the market could ever dream of, for free.


How To Access The Bonuses?

All you have to do is click on the green button below, pick up your copy and feel free to contact me or email your receipt to admin[at] (replace [at] with @, this tactic is to avoid spam) to receive all my premium bonuses above for FREE.

The bonuses from vendor will be automatically delivered in the members area.


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