YouTube Keyword Research: 6 Ways To Rank #1 On YouTube Fastest

Besides investing in websites, cultivating the skills of running Facebook Ads, Google Ads and SEO, we often forget a very effective and cheap approach to customers, which is YouTube.

Approaching customers, making money from uploading videos to YouTube is not difficult but requires you to have certain skills and good video publishing and distribution process to achieve high rankings.

In this article, I will show you the most effective and simple ways to YouTube keyword research so that you can optimize SEO for videos and rank #1 on YouTube in a short time.


What is YouTube keyword research?

According to statistics from JumpShot, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, where people often search for the information they need to watch.

YouTube keyword research means the job of searching and researching words and phrases that people use when searching for videos to watch online.

A video uploaded to YouTube has 2 stages:

  • Video production: content making. I did not discuss this stage in the article, this is the preparation of each person’s content, good content and suitable topic is enough.
  • Video distribution: uploaded videos need to be optimized from the time they were files on the computer, then optimized during the upload process, including: title, description, tags…

And the keyword is fully optimized, appropriate will support the process of pushing video rankings much faster. Let’s go into the simple, most effective way that YouTubers often use to YouTube keyword research.

Method #1: Use keyword suggestions from YouTube

When you type in the search bar on YouTube, it is easy to see that YouTube search has suggested for you popular phrases containing the keyword you are typing.


Those are the words and phrases that YouTube users still search every day, with a high level of interest in the video content you are looking for.

From here, we quickly get the most relevant keywords on the video’s topic, with high interest, and regular searches.

Method #2: Use statistics from Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool provided by Google that helps marketers, businessman or YouTubers to grasp the recent trends.

Google Trends statistics data through 5 search aspects to serve the unique needs of each person:

  • Search the web
  • Search for images
  • Search for news
  • Google Trends shopping
  • And in particular, is trending on YouTube

After accessing Google Trends, remember to setup geographic object and language.


You fill in the topic you are trying to make a video to see how interested users are in that trend.

At the same time, Google Trends provides closest related keywords to your topic that YouTube users search for when they watch videos with similar topics.

By this way you will have a lot of keywords to optimize for descriptions, tags, increasing the opportunity to push rankings faster for videos.

Method #3: Use is a famous keyword research tool, with the feature to suggest fully the keywords that users search on many major search engine and social media platforms such as:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Currently has just added: Play Store (for you to develop & marketing for mobile applications), Instagram, Twitter…


I highly appreciate this tool when researching YouTube keywords.

Keyword Tool suggests all keywords according to relevance, search volume based on the seed keyword you enter.

youtube keyword research keyword tool io 2

From there, you can gather data, combine other methods to find the most appropriate keyword set to optimize for video to upload.

Method #4: Analyze keywords on YouTube from competitors

Similar to keyword research for websites, starting keyword research from competitors is a shortcut but brings the fastest and most effective results.

With SEO for YouTube videos, you enter the channel of competitors that is the same topic with you, select the videos tab and then filter with “most popular” to see the most popular videos.

youtube keyword research competitors

YouTube will then return the videos with the highest interest, you go to each video to see the title, description that the channel is using.

youtube keyword research competitors 2

Next, to know which videos are ranked by what keywords, with what tags we need to use a little trick because by default YouTube hides this data.

You select view page source, Ctrl F + type “keywords” and enter. You will be jumping to the part of the keywords that this video is ranking, the keywords are as in the picture I illustrate, enclosed in quotes.


You may be interested: Spy your competitors’ videos on YouTube easily & quickly.

Method #5: Use the popular extension that every YouTuber likes – vidIQ

vidIQ is a tool to support detailed analysis of a video on YouTube. You can download and install it easily at vidIQ vision for Chrome.


I don’t see any YouTuber making videos, developing good channels without using this tool. It provides information on:

  • SEO grading for videos, description, tags, channel information, social…
  • Check the competitiveness of keywords, monthly searches for accurate information from YouTube (pro version only)
  • Analyze the recommendations of the video, see your video or the proposed competitors from any channel, source, website…

Method #6: Specialized tool – TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a tool for professional video makers who want to invest in a support tool that helps optimize the video to the fullest and easily increase rankings.


TubeBuddy helps to review the overall SEO-friendly of the YouTube channel, and has suggestions to help you optimize the SEO-friendly video as much as possible.

You can use the free TubeBuddy extension here, but if you are making money with YouTube for a long time, do not be afraid to invest in the Pro version to be provided with the most advanced features that support SEO for YouTube.

The paid version will have the following features and will help you almost control the optimization process for your video with the best distribution after publishing.


Features include:

  • Best Time To Publish
  • Tag Explorer: this is a cool and powerful feature of TubeBuddy, automatically suggests all related keywords with information such as number of searches, competition level,…
  • Support translating keywords in Tag Explorer into other languages
  • Suggest Related Tag
  • Bulk Copy Annotation / Cards
  • Bulk Replace Metadata
  • Thumbnail Generator,…


The article goes through 6 common, simple and enough ways to find all the keywords that bring you the opportunity to rank high for your YouTube videos as quickly as possible.

There are many other tools with similar features you can explore more after mastering the basic ways above.

Keyword research is an important stage for publishing and distributing videos that you need to do carefully, besides requiring you to make good video content and quality, to meet the needs of viewers.

If you have any questions about YouTube keyword research, please leave a comment below and I will answer as soon as possible.

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